Challenge Bootcamp

Turn pain into power

This action-oriented bootcamp prepares your business for sustainable growth. Over five days, you’ll reflect on your company’s identity, strategy, value proposition and business model, assess your role as founder – and build a scalable organisation with a sound sales model and financial plan. Through a powerful blend of expert knowledge, hands-on sessions and advice from entrepreneurs-in-residence, you’ll gain the confidence to take your business further and achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions. 

Detailed programme

This immersive programme is for dynamic entrepreneurs who want to take their small business or start-up to the next level.

It’s built around two pillars:

Pillar 1: Education

Module 1: WHAT – Business model optimisation 

  • Define a convincing value proposition and scalable business model
  • Evaluate your competitive advantage
  • Develop the organisational structure you need to grow your business
  • Communicate your business model with a powerful pitch and convince stakeholders to invest

Module 2: WHO – Personal growth and building a team

  • Reflect on your role as founder in your organisation
  • Grow as an entrepreneur, leader and employer
  • Identify the people you need to grow your business – and develop an HR plan
  • Build a strong and effective team

Module 3: HOW – Different ways to grow

  • Turn initial traction into recurring sales
  • Find out how you can organise your business development with the right balance of sales costs and the expected results.
  • Explore alternative models to grow your business
  • Discover different ways to finance growth

Pillar 2: Business coaching

Throughout the bootcamp, you’ll be guided by a unique panel of experts, faculty and mentors who have been on the same journey as you. With the support of these experienced entrepreneurs and your peers, you’ll draw up an action-oriented growth plan – then pitch it to a jury of our entrepreneurs-in-residence.

Why this programme

  • Develop your initial business idea – and find the right way to expand and grow your business
  • Identify your position in the market
  • Take your business from initial customer traction to regular sales
  • Grow your organisation without losing your flexibility and focus
  • Enhance your leadership skills and build your team
  • Benefit from a sounding board of peers, faculty and experienced entrepreneurs
  • Over the last three decades, more than 5000 entrepreneurs have participated in our programmes

Who should attend

  • Ambitious founders, owners or managing partners of early-stage companies in the post-start-up phase
  • Founders with a team of 4 – 12 full-time employees
  • Business owners from product or service-oriented companies in any industry and sector

Do you want to build a scalable business model and accelerate your business including growing your team?

Successful entrepreneurship is all about ambition and having the right attitude. So there are no formal education requirements for this programme. However, you need to be willing to work on your organisation rather than in it, learn from best practice, reflect on your role as an entrepreneur and listen to feedback from experts and peers.

Practical info

5 days

Bootcamp format: short, intensive, with peers and mentors at an inspiring, off-campus location

Application process:

    1. Schedule a call with our team to see if the programme and other participants are a good fit for you
    2. If yes, apply for your place

Not sure if this is the right programme for you? Please get in touch – we’d be happy to discuss your options. 

This programme is eligible for the SME wallet, whereby a small company receives 30% of support, and a medium-sized company 20%. With a maximum of €7,500 per year.

Success stories

Ruben Baestaens 2

One of Vlerick’s Entrepreneurs in Residence recommended the programme – and I’m extremely glad he did. Being able to work alongside like-minded participants is really valuable. You also get to stand back and evaluate your own business and approaches. And the network you build is invaluable.

Christophe Boexstaens

The Challenge Bootcamp gave me the self-confidence and self-awareness to turn my weaknesses into strengths. My communication, leadership, innovation, organisational, sales and overall management skills have all improved. I now dare to say I am an entrepreneur. I even have to hold back a little, because the organisation cannot keep up with me! Thanks to this programme, I know I’ll be able to deliver on my long-term objectives.


Miguel Meuleman

Miguel Meuleman

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Miguel Meuleman is passionate about the process, people and investors behind new venture ideas.

Koen Dewettinck

Koen Dewettinck

Professor of Human Resources Management

Koen Dewettinck improves the way we manage people to boost engagement and performance.

Cedric Donck

Cedric Donck

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

Internet investor and independent board member Cedric Donck supports companies that combine profit and purpose.

Yannick Dillen

Yannick Dillen

Professor of Management Practice

Yannick Dillen is an expert on high-growth start-ups and scale-ups.