LoQutus renews three-year Prime Foundation Partnership

The journey continues

“We want to respond to the needs of the market as effectively as possible. And this partnership has enabled us to assess and map out these needs even better,” says Joachim Vanden Brande, CEO of Prime Foundation Partner LoQutus. Our collaboration over the past three years has been such a success that they’ve decided to extend the partnership for a further three years. What has been achieved so far and what lies ahead?


The partnership centres on Enterprise Architecture (EA). Not surprisingly, one of its major achievements has been the setting up of the Centre for Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Management, offering companies and organisations a platform to exchange experiences and good practices, while enabling us to stay in touch with their concerns.

“We’ve managed to create an active community of EA professionals from various industries,” says Wesley Bille, Service Team Lead at LoQutus. “As consultants we do work hands-on with our clients, but that doesn’t compare with the insights we’ve gained from participating in the Centre’s discussion sessions.”

Professor Bjorn Cumps agrees. “Each session was organised as a workshop around a specific theme. The outcome from these sessions has been quite impressive – several case studies, testimonials, presentations and invaluable discussions. We’re currently structuring all the information in reports and we’re planning to publish a book as well.”

Insightful academic research

We also carried out intensive research, the results of which were presented in a white paper: “Towards Enterprise Architecture Infused Organisations”. Wesley explains: “Tapping into our respective networks we found thirteen organisations prepared to participate in an extensive analysis of EA practices, exploring how these have changed over time and how they should evolve in future to ensure that EA contributes to business value creation.”

“We’ve been presenting our findings at several conferences in Belgium and abroad,” adds Bjorn. “The paper has attracted considerable interest. It obviously has significant academic importance, but also provides valuable input for our programmes, as does the output generated by the Centre’s workshops for that matter.”

Digital EA

Over the coming three years the focus will be less on EA as a discipline and more on how it can contribute to achieving business objectives in an ever-changing, increasingly digital environment, and on the role enterprise architects have to play. Data analytics, social media, mobile devices, the cloud… all these technologies have a huge impact on an organisation’s architecture, but organisations that want to remain competitive and innovative should embrace them. So, EA and enterprise architects will be facing important digital challenges.

Ambitious agenda

“It’s been a most enjoyable collaboration so far, which we’ll continue with the same zeal,” says Bjorn enthusiastically, and he sums up the ambitious plans for the renewed partnership: “We’ll pursue our research, aiming to publish at least one academic paper per year, and we’ll continue building our community of best practice by expanding the Centre for Excellence, which currently has eight members. We’d especially like to involve larger international organisations as well as invite international practitioners, rather than academics, as guest speakers. In addition, we’ll be working to increase the visibility of EA to ensure that it gets the attention it deserves. This is why we’re planning to create an EA award, inviting organisations to submit their EA projects, with an international panel of judges – including LoQutus and the School – selecting the winner.”

It doesn’t stop here

At LoQutus they’re no less keen: “We want to remain at the forefront of EA, responding to the needs of the market by offering innovative, state-of-the-art solutions,” says Wesley. “We want to be a leader, not a follower, and this collaboration will most certainly help us achieve that goal.”

Joachim concludes: “We’ve already accomplished a great deal, but it doesn’t stop here. Given the growing importance of digital, mobile and social media, it’s become even more important to further exploit our partnership.”

LoQutus is a pioneer in guiding organisations towards digitalising their services and operations, using the latest technologies. The focus here is on their customer, the user, and the interaction between the user and the organisation, with a view to providing optimum user experience while simplifying and optimising services and processes.