Recruitment is about making a true connection

Catching the vibe at our Meet the Corporates – MBA Talent event

On Thursday 1st March our Brussels campus welcomed 20 companies and around 80 MBA participants for the Meet the Corporates – MBA Talent event. A workshop led by Professor Ralf Wetzel paved the way for speeding up a true connection during the networking afterwards.

‘Recruitment is about making a true connection’

Meet the Corporates - MBA eventThis Meet the Corporates – MBA Talent event kicked off with an ice-breaking interactive workshop hosted by our change management Professor Ralf Wetzel: “Having our MBA participants and recruiters engage informally like this paves the way for more effective recruitment networking afterwards. More than ever, recruitment is about making a true connection.”

‘This event is like a teaser, to reach out’

Throughout the year, we expose our MBA participants to different events, different sectors, different kinds of companies to help them find out if their dream of a new career path is realistic,” explains Anna Riepe, Career Advisor for the full-time MBA programme. “So this is not only about one single company having one single vacancy. It’s more like a teaser, like a little invitation to look further and to reach out.”

‘Learn how things are run at a specific company’

Liesbeth De Baere, Career Advisor for the Executive MBA programme: “On an executive MBA level, our participants are mostly looking to interact, network and learn how things are run at a specific company. We try to convince them to look at their strategic career planning and really think about that next step.


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