Opening hours & entrance info

Brussels campus Vlerick Business School

Opening hours

Vlerick Brussels campus is located at the following address:
Manhattan Office Tower
Bolwerklaan 21, 2nd floor
1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

The opening hours of the Vlerick reception - located at the 2nd floor of the Manhanttan Office Tower - are as follows:

Mon-Thu: 8 am - 6 pm
Fri: 8 am - 3.30 pm
Sat, Sun & holidays: closed

Entrance info

1. Entrance via the Manhattan shopping centre

Brussels Campus - entrance and reception

Bolwerklaan 21
1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

Due to construction works, the main entrance to the Manhattan office tower will be closed. A new and temporary reception desk has been installed in the middle of the Manhattan shopping centre. You can access this reception desk via the shopping centre’s main entrance.
A security agent will direct you towards the elevators or stairs that give access our Brussels campus.

Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 7 am - 7 pm
Sat-Sun: closed

For ORGANISED EVENING EVENTS we keep this entrance open ON REQUEST (via [email protected])

2. Entrance via Parking Manhattan

Vlerick Business School

Kruisvaartenstraat 19
1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

Check the Parking Manhattan entrance in google. (virtual tour)

Opening hours
24/7 open (between 00:00 and 6 am you need to call dispatching via videophone to open iron curtain)

Directions from the entrance parking Manhattan to Vlerick campus Brussels:

When your car (-4 to -6) or bicycle (next to elevator level -4) is parked :

  1. take the parking elevator to the ground floor (where the pay stations are),
  2. follow the directions to the Manhattan Office Tower,
  3. At the reception desk of the Manhattan Office Tower, mention to the security guard(s) that you are a visitor for Vlerick,
  4. they will open the security gates, proceed to the 1st floor,
  5. take 1 of the back 6 elevators to the 2nd floor.

On the Kruisvaartenstraat (just before Parking Manhattan) you can enter a hallway via snackbar ‘Les Alizés’. There you can also access Vlerick Campus Brussels by taking the elevator to the 2nd floor.

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