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    1. Masters Open Day

      Date : 30 April 2021
      Category : Masters Info Sessions

      Young graduate? Find out more about our Masters programmes and join our online workshop.

    1. Meet the Winemaker- Digital Tasting Event

      Date : 27 April 2021
      Category : Alumni Events

      We believe that the story behind the wine, enhances its taste. Once you understand the work and vision of the winemaker, the experience in the glass will be better than ever. Therefore, ‘Meet the Winemaker’ gives the floor to the man or woman behind the winery.

    1. Meet the Corporates - MBA Talent Day

      Date : 21 April 2021
      Category : Career Events

      On a date to be confirmed in 2021 all Vlerick MBA students get to meet the corporate partner companies of the School for recruitment opportunities.

    1. Worldwide Alumni Celebration 2021: A Trip Around The World: AUSTRALASIA

      Date : 21 April 2021
      Category : Alumni Events

      Worldwide Alumni Celebration- A perfect opportunity to rekindle ties with fellow alumni, your school and network, as engaging and connecting with each other feels more important than ever. Let’s go for a trip around the world together, the first stop: AUSTRALASIA!

    1. Vlerick Alumni & Legal Club– The Legal Professional of the Future

      Date : 20 April 2021
      Category : Alumni Events

      Is your profession future-proof? No job escapes gradual change over time. But what changes do we face and how will companies adapt to them? To answer these questions regarding legal careers, we are hosting a refreshing breakfast webinar on Tuesday 20th of April 2021. 

    1. Masters Admissions Webinar

      Date : 01 April 2021
      Category : Masters Info Sessions

      Follow our webinar and get all the information on how to apply for a Masters and ace our admissions test.

    1. The future after COVID-19 with Bruno Colmant

      Date : 30 March 2021
      Category : Alumni Events

      About a year ago, COVID-19 struck. The entire world, every corner of society and industry, was impacted. As we are starting to climb out of this pandemic, one question remains: will COVID-19 structurally change our future?

678 results Number of Results per Page

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