4th Edition of the Vlerick Chief Economists Debate

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4th Edition of the Vlerick Finance Alumni’s Macro-Economic Debate, looking back on the main topics of 2012 and looking forward to the major themes for 2013 and beyond.

Keynote speakers

  • Mr. Peter Vanden Houte: Chief Economist, ING
  • Mr. Edwin De Boeck: Chief Economist, KBC Bank
  • Mr. Frank Lierman: Chief Economist, Belfius
  • Mr. Bart Van Craeynest: Chief Economist, Petercam
  • Mr. Frank Smets, Director General, DG Research ECB

Moderator: Dirk Selleslagh, News Manager Tijd.TV

Extra information

The Vlerick Chief Economists Event has become the leading macro-economic event for the Alumni of the Vlerick Business School. Taking a step back from the daily business rush, our unique panel provides the Alumni with a helicopter view on our economic biosphere.
The 4th edition will be centered in a European perspective, out of economic reality, and the key representation of Belgium in Europe.
Indeed, our limited Belgian geography and the openness of the Belgian economy require our businesses to focus internationally, mostly starting with the European Economic Union.

From its side, Europe is shaping our business too. Through particular decision making processes and many compromises, the European institutions have been leading our economies for decades, through good times and bad times. Fortunately, Brussels is the home of many European institutions and Belgian nationals are key representatives within these institutions.

The debate aims to evaluate the Belgian economy and its efforts to digest the crisis in perspective of the European long-term goals. Our savings rates, relative shockproof economy and austerity – not to mention the 180° shift in OLO vs. Bund rate - make us a noble pupil. And meanwhile, we maintained our world famous “index” and a great social security system.

As in the previous editions, our leading Chief Economists will have the chance to assess our economy and the European initiatives, including Mr. Herman Van Rompuy’s most recent plan to strengthen Europe(*).

But let’s not all go chanting, “It’s great to be a Belgian!” yet. Surely, there must be challenges that lay ahead for us?
To turn on the heat for our local Belgian banking panel, Europe shall have a right of answer too, through the “Chief of Chief Economists”, Mr. Frank Smets of the European Central Bank. … and of course, Mr. Smets will refute his Belgian nationality for the occasion. This debate will be moderated by Mr. Dirk Selleslagh, News Manager Tijd.TV.
(*) Cfr. Report “Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union”, December 2012.
20h00: Welcome and introduction
20h15: Interactive Debate

21h45: Networking reception
catering: reception & sandwiches

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