How much do we love our older employees?

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In collaboration with USG Professionals, leading European provider of expertise.

Prof. Frank Vandenbroucke will kick off the evening with a speech on: “Considerations on the pension reform and the labour market for older employees”

Case by Nathalie Calle and Inge Tiebos of USG Professionals Belgium “Teaming up : work to do for 50+ employees 

Prof. Dirk Buyens will moderate the debate with Wouter De Geest (CEO BASF Antwerp), Nathalie Calle (Managing Director USG Professionals), Frank Vandenbroucke and Jan Van Acoleyen (Chief Human Resources Officer Barco N.V.).

The working population is becoming older, yet, at the same time the raising of the retirement age seem to be a long process.
During this event we will reflect on if we still love our older employees, or vice-versa do our older employees still love to work? Or are there any other factors at play?

• What are the policy options versus the obstacles in the field?
• Are there too many escape routes and what does the future look like for this matter?
• Are there any chances for 50+ employees on the labour market?  
• Is there a technology gap between the 50+ employees and their 30-year-old counterparts?
• If we compare Belgium to other European countries: are we doing worse than our European colleagues? And what compared to a global perspective?

These and many more questions will be answered. We encourage our participants to actively contribute during the debate, yet we ask you to already send us your questions or remarks in advance to [email protected].

Keynote Speakers

Picture Frank Vandenbroecke  Prof. Dr. Frank Vandenbroucke
 Picture Wouter de Geest Wouter De Geest, CEO BASF Antwerp




 Jan Van Acoleyen  Jan Van Acoleyen, Chief Human Resources Officer Barco N.V.
 Picture Nathalie Calle Nathalie Calle, Managing Director USG Professionals
 Picture Moderator Dirk Buyens  Moderator: Prof. Dirk Buyens, Professor of Human Resources Management


Please note that this event will be in Dutch.