Thriving through turbulence: A series of live chats with Vlerick Strategy experts

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A series of live chats with Vlerick Strategy experts on how to deal with a crisis and its consequences

These are challenging times for strategists who are asked to devise a path to long term success for their organisations. So we are delighted to bring to you this unique opportunity to connect and exchange with peers and Vlerick strategy experts on how to live up to the expectation.

In this series of 3 live sessions, we will put the current Covid-19 crisis into perspective, reflect on its broader implications for businesses, and talk about building your strategy for the new normal.

Each session will feature two Vlerick experts who will share their insights and facilitate a conversation on how strategy is not only impacted by the current crisis, but can also help deal with its short, medium and longer term consequences.

Importantly, to allow for real exchanges we will limit the number of participants to each session. So reserve your seat soon, by clicking on the links provided below. We look forward to meeting you online!


May 14, 2020 – 5pm to 6pm (Brussels time)

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In this session we will put the Covid-19 crisis into context and exchange on best practices to thrive through turbulent times like the ones we are going through.

Prof. Martin Weiss will bring his expertise on crisis management, and Prof. Kurt Verweire will share his insights on how companies can thrive and maintain performance when going through turbulent times. We will discuss how absorption and agility are complementary weapons in dealing with crisis situations. And together we will explore concrete ways for your organization to build ammunitions.

Marion Weiss

Prof. Dr. Martin Weiss

Kurt Verweire

Prof. Dr. Kurt Verweire


May 27, 2020 – 5pm to 6pm (Brussels time)

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In the second live session we will look into how Covid-19 is changing the global business environment in which we operate, and how this is structurally reshaping international business strategies and the way companies are dealing with key stakeholders such as the government and society as a whole.

Prof. Filip Abraham will help us understand the macro-economic impact of the corona crisis and how businesses can adjust. And together with Prof. Leonardo Meeus we will discuss how proactively engaging with external stakeholders can help create new opportunities.

Filip Abraham

Prof. Dr. Filip Abraham

Leonardo Meeus

Prof. Dr. Leonardo Meeus


June 8, 2020 – 5pm to 6pm (Brussels time)

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With the third session we will look beyond the immediate disruptive effects of the Covid-19 crisis, and discuss how you can build a strategy that prepares your company for an uncertain future.

The consequences of the crisis may call for a rethink of strategic priorities. But how to decide what to boost, slow down, scrap or add when the contours of so-called “new normal” are still so blurred? This is the question Prof. Kerstin Fehre and Prof. Carine Peeters will help answer. In particular, we will discuss how mapping different scenarios of the future can help overcome the cognitive biases that affect the threats and opportunities we see in the current Covid-19 crisis, and beyond that take informed decisions about possible changes in strategic priorities and initiatives going forward.

Kerstin Fehre

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Fehre

Carine Peeters

Prof. Dr. Carine Peeters


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