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    1. Drop In on our Leuven Campus

      Category : General Info Sessions

      Meet our programme advisors for an informal chat. They will be happy to tell you about our management programmes and answer your questions. See you soon!

    1. Venture Challenge

      Category : Masters Info Sessions

      Passionate about entrepreneurship? Join the challenge and come up with an innovative idea that responds to a disruptive trend.

    1. Supply Chain as lever for Competitiveness in Africa (Geopolitical Lectures Series)

      Category : Alumni Events

      Jean-Gervais Yoyo Moutome will show you in this Geopolitical Lectures Series how a good and pragmatic understanding of the local supply chain can bring competitive advantage in Africa. This presentation discusses the key specifications of Triple A Supply Chain and brings a specific case study on Cameroon.

    1. The Geopolitics of Nuclear Power (Geopolitical Lectures Series)

      Category : Alumni Events

      Which countries need nuclear power, now and in future? Which nations can fulfil this need by building, operating and even financing nuclear power plants abroad? How does this influence global politics and our economy? In this session professor Ronny Belmans will share his insights on the geopolitics of nuclear power.

    1. Geopolitics of Financial Markets (Geopolitical Lectures Series)

      Category : Alumni Events

      Worldwide geopolitical events are at everyone’s fingertips at any given moment in this digital world. Just like the financial markets are. How do the latter cope with the main themes in geopolitics? Does one have to consider geopolitical issues while taking investment decisions? This lecture will provide you opportune insights by demonstrating some fine cases.

60 results Number of Results per Page

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