Frank Goedertier

Associate Professor of Marketing

Passionate about marketing, customer journey management, brand strategy and impactful public speaking.

Frank Goedertier’s research and teaching spans multiple topics – including brand strategy, managing customer journeys via technology-enabled decision architecture aids, psychological pricing tactics, man-machine interactions in the downstream, customer attitudes and actions in the context of sustainability. He also explores how customers cope with information overload and teaches public speaking with impact. Frank’s work has been published in renowned international marketing journals.

At Vlerick, Frank is the Head of Area Marketing. He teaches on multiple MBA, Masters and executive education programmes.  

Who am I?

  • Associate Professor, Partner and Head of the area marketing at Vlerick Business School 
  • Doctor in Applied Economics at Ghent University 
  • Master in Marketing Management at Vlerick Business School 
  • Master in Communication Sciences at KU Leuven 

My expertise

  • Consumer strategy and tactics
  • Brand management
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Customer management in the digital age

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Frank Goedertier

Frank Goedertier

Professor of Marketing