Herman Van den Broeck

Emeritus Professor of Leadership

Passionate about social and emotional intelligence – and helping people to go beyond average leadership.

Herman Van den Broeck is an expert in cognitive styles, social and emotional intelligence – and leadership. With a background in psychology, he is interested in human behaviour, leadership, decision making and change management. He’s also interested in how learning and development will change in the future.

He taught and carried out research at both Vlerick and in the Faculty of Economic and Business Administration of Ghent University. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Leadership at Vlerick.

Herman has written a number of books – including Beyonders. Transcending Average Leadership, which he wrote together with Professor David Venter. Along with his team at Vlerick, he developed the Cognitive Style Indicator, or CoSI®, which helps trainees gain a better understanding of their co-workers’ behaviour.

Who am I?

  • Emeritus Professor at Vlerick Business School
  • Doctor in Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences at Ghent University
  • Doctoral student at Lancaster University, UK

My expertise

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Change management
  • Cognitive styles
  • Social skills
  • Leadership