Xzavier He

Doctoral Researcher, Marketing

Xzavier’s PhD research focuses on marketing communication – and he also organises Vlerick’s FMCG bootcamp

Xzavier He works as a Doctoral Researcher in the marketing field at Vlerick. His PhD research focuses on marketing communication.

Almost a third of our business life is based on persuasion, so communication is a key element in marketing. But there are several challenges, including information overload and fake news. So how do you become more persuasive? How do you make your message more attractive? And how do you enhance your credibility and trustworthiness via the message?

For his PhD, Xzavier is looking into the linguistic features, speech acts and metadiscourse markers which affect how persuasive, helpful or trusted a message is perceived as being in different contexts. These include online reviews, fake news and smart home assistants.

He also organises Vlerick’s FMCG bootcamp, which aims to provide insight into trends, challenges and the different stakeholders involved in marketing and selling fast-moving consumer goods.

Who am I?

  • Doctoral Researcher at Vlerick Business School and KU Leuven
  • Master in International Marketing Strategy at UHasselt
  • Master of Science in Information Systems Management at the Holy Family University, USA

My expertise

  • Advertising
  • Persuasive communication
  • Information systems

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Xzavier He

Xzavier He

Doctoral Researcher