Discover how Maria connected with the international energy of Brussels and Vlerick

Maria Salmones Paredes - Senior Manager KPMG Belgium – Executive MBA 2017

27 June 2023

“Brussels is the multi-cultural centre of Europe – and English is all you need. Which means you can work with and network with a broad community of people.

Vlerick empowers internationalism. More than 50% of my intake were internationals. There were people from more than 30 countries. Vlerick faculty is also diverse in terms of gender.

From Brussels you can travel to almost anywhere in the world. It’s easy to get to France, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain – so you’re connected to all of Europe.

From a business perspective, there is a real advantage in being in Brussels. It’s where the European Commission and Parliament are, the European institutions, major financial institutions and private companies have a large presence there too.

Belgians tend to be humble, so typically they don’t brag, but there is a thriving start-up scene in Brussels. And at Vlerick you learn entrepreneurialism and get introductions to VCs, founders and the start-up communities.

Vlerick inspired me to switch completely to innovation and entrepreneurialism and gave me the platform to change domains. Vlerick is entrepreneurial in its DNA.

Vlerick is forward-looking. Like Brussels, it has that spirit of looking outwards and being progressive. It’s very practical in its teaching – providing everything from trips to Silicon Valley to understanding how skills from improv theatre can enhance decision-making and confidence.”