Tips on how to prepare for a successful exit

Mathieu Luypaert

By Mathieu Luypaert

Professor of Corporate Finance

10 January 2017

A considerable number of SMEs will change hands over the next few years. Transactions of this kind range from non-family transfers to mergers to full or partial sales. In these cases, thorough preparation can materially increase the chance of a successful outcome. This white paper answers a number of key questions that need to be asked when handing over a business.

Exit Academy

Download your white paper on preparing a successful exit and read how these 6 questions tips can help you:

  1. How do I prepare my business for handover or sale?
  2. How much is my business worth?
  3. What are all the legal focus points for a successful transaction?
  4. How do I negotiate smoothly with the acquirer?
  5. What should I be looking out for if I am handing over to a family member?
  6. How do I prepare for my career after the transaction?

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Sylien Kesteleyn

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