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Leveraging women who aim to take on leadership positions

15 September 2021

The most important investment of your early career is the one you make in yourself”, affirms Vlerick Dean Marion Debruyne. As a female leader herself, she wants to contribute towards achieving equality between men and women by acting as a role model for female entrepreneurship and ambition. Our Women in Finance Scholarship is part of her ambition to make that dream a reality.

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Our alumnae who joined the programme testify

Some previous recipients of our Women in Finance Scholarship share their experience:

women in finance scholarship

“I chose to apply for the Women in Finance Scholarship as opposed to others offered at Vlerick, because it was specifically targeted for the Masters in Financial Management programme and also because I truly believe in promoting and supporting women in finance leadership roles, which are still greatly dominated by men. 

There is a lot of overall progress in eliminating the gap between men and women in the workforce, but there is still an overwhelming gender disparity in the C-suite. And while the numbers speak for themselves, with less than 30% of C-level positions in the world occupied by women, research also finds that female-led companies tend to have greater financial performance in addition to more diversity and equality. 

I believe we must focus on diversity and inclusion, bringing different opinions, experiences and backgrounds together in order to progress and further develop.”

women in finance scholarship

“My application for Vlerick was driven by the desire to grow fast and boost my career. My dream has always been to become a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and to make an impact. Hence, Vlerick is a small step in the right direction. 

I would advise any female to take the leap and apply for this Masters since the acquired skills will be of tremendous importance to move up the ladder in an organisation. Furthermore, next to being a step closer to your dream job, this scholarship can give you that extra boost you might need. 

As a woman in finance, you can help drive the transition towards more female leaders. Only through a larger influx of female high potentials, we can close the gap and take all the opportunities. Be the change you want to see."

women in finance scholarship

"Of all the Vlerick scholarships, I thought this was the one most suited to my situation. I was already convinced at the time of the application period that I was going to pursue a career in the Finance field, so the choice of the Women in Finance scholarship was obvious to me. 

In my view, we should not make such a distinction between female and male leadership. In an ideal world, it should not matter whether you are a male or female leader. However, I believe that diversity is key and has a beneficial impact on the world. Bringing together talented people of different genders and nationalities can truly make the difference."

Ready to take the leap?

Thanks to our Women in Finance Scholarship, you can get up to 70% off the tuition fee for our Masters in Financial Management, if you meet one or more requirements listed below:

  • Outstanding academic record
  • Leadership potential
  • Great overall performance in our Admissions Test

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Lucy Siau

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