Customer experience (CX)

Banking as a service (BaaS) implicates radical customer centricity. CX experts typically focus on the experience of a customer across all touch-points of a brand, both online and offline, providing a consistent service in an omnichannel area.

#4 FinTech Futures: Radical CX

10 MAY 2017

Our guest speakers approach this topic from a no-nonsense angle, indicating how an organisational shift can help to avoid empathy gaps between front and back office. CIO Jeroen Ghysel and Chief Marketing Xavier Gys from AXA Bank Belgium agree that CX is a people’s business and a matter of matching personalities within the organisation. In their duo talk for FinTech Futures, they show how their teams mutually contribute to AXA Bank’s digital story. Furthermore, Alice Newton-Rex and Wayne Scott from WorldRemit build on the importance of empathy to improve CX. They stress the importance of tech ethnography and doing research with real users. They advise to have your employees talk to customers at least one day a month. Finally, Hilde Van Dyck (Paper Plane Pilots) adds the element of play in the session. She invited Pepper to join FinTech Futures, the first humanoid robot that can perceive emotions and adapt his behaviour to the mood of his interlocutor. Her most important advice to companies regarding creativity: provide room for a pony, a non-designated space for play!

Banking as a Service (BaaS) puts customers at the centre of the financial services ecosystem. It’s fast becoming a popular concept – and was the topic of discussion at the 4th edition of our FinTech Futures event. Our guest speakers shared their experiences of radical customer experience and how it works in their own organisations. Get all the insights from the evening by reading the opinion piece, "BaaS promotes radical customer experience", by Tine Holvoet. Download the inspiring slide decks by our guest speakers.

Ghysel Jeroen

Gys Xavier

Jeroen Ghysel, CIO AXA Bank Belgium and member of the Management Board of AXA Bank Europe

No squads or tribes at AXA Bank Belgium, awarded best Belgian bank of 2016, but a simple collaborative model where marketing and IT teams merge. CIO Jeroen Ghysel and Chief Marketing Xavier Gys agree that CX is a people’s business and a matter of matching personalities within the organisation. In this duo talk, they show how their teams contribute to AXA Bank’s digital story.

Xavier Gys, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at AXA Bank Belgium

Alice Newton Rex

Alice Newton-Rex, VP of Product at WorldRemit

Alice Newton-Rex is VP of Product at WorldRemit, a FinTech startup that helps migrants send millions of pounds back to friends and family in Africa, Asia and Latin America each month. She leads the product and design teams at WorldRemit to create an excellent service for WorldRemit’s customers on their web and mobile products, and develop innovative future products and features. Before that she was a product manager on GOV.UK, and co-wrote the first digital strategy for the Ministry of Justice.

Wayne Scott, Head of Global Banking at WorldRemit

Wayne Scott has worked in international banking and global payment services for 35+ years. As Head of Global Banking at WorldRemit, Wayne is using his experience to build-out a correspondent network to support the rapid expansion of our global on-line business. Continual improvement of our customer experience is at the very core of WorldRemit and an effective and efficient global network of correspondent partners is an integral part of that. Before joining WorldRemit earlier this year, Wayne worked for Silicon Valley Bank, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland, Wachovia Bank and Barclays Bank.
Van Dyck Hilde

Hilde Van Dyck, Chief Pilot of the Paper Plane Pilots

Hilde Van Dyck has a background in entrepreneuring, product development and innovation. She founded co-creation space House of Innovation, UX consulting firm Monkeyshot, retreat farm Farm Of Inspiration, Paper Plane Pilots and co-founded service design agency Peel. Her experiences nourished a deep interest in playfulness as an economically beneficial mechanism and led her to studying the neuroscience of play. All her initiatives are built upon the same beliefs: art, business, science and most of all people.

Tine Holvoet, Senior Research Associate Vlerick Business School

Tine Holvoet holds a track record of multidisciplinary collaborations. Since 2015, she shifted her focus towards innovation and disruption in the global financial services sector. Not exactly being the typical finance girl, she is exploring new formats for knowledge sharing and experience exchange on finance. Together with Prof Bjorn Cumps she has set up FinTech Futures.

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