A Culture of Change

New technology, new regulation, new business models, … change is all over the financial services sector today. Banks are reorganising their branch networks, selling off parts of their activities to others, implementing new technologies, reassessing their HR activities and many have a myriad of new projects on the go. And insurance companies are now more involved in new financing activities and looking for new interaction models with banks.

How fast do you need to change?
In a 2014 banking study, Vlerick surveyed corporate clients on their future product and service needs. 46% of the corporates indicated that their product/service needs would change in the upcoming 2 years. But not all banks will even be around to witness this change as 80% of the interviewed bank executives are convinced that the number of banks will decrease in the coming 2 to 5 years in a new consolidation phase.

This means things are changing drastically. New people to work with, new job content, new remuneration systems, new ways of working, new locations, etc.

The recipe for success?

• How can you be successful in change management?
• How do you make sure people remain motivated in a changing environment?
• How do you create a culture of change in which people commit to the new values of the company?

Peter De Prins
Professor of Management Practice in Change Management, Leadership and Coaching.

Peter achieved his Engineering degree at KU Leuven and the University College of Antwerp. He now focuses on the practical use of theoretical and academic models making use of group-participation and collaborative learning. As an entrepreneur, Peter has travelled the world and worked with a wide range of nationalities and has hands-on experience of people-management, executive coaching and leadership particularly in Europe and the USA.


A Culture of Change

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