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We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to campus for the first time since March 2020, when we took the necessary decision to suspend face-to-face programmes, in order to contain the further spread of Covid-19. Thanks to digital technology however, out of sight was never out of mind as we have continued to deliver our programmes in a virtual way.

  • In line with the decisions from the National Security Council, we will resume our on-campus activities as from 17 August. We will do so in a very cautious way, including the implementation of a range of precautionary measures to safeguard the wellbeing of our participants, students, alumni and visitors.
  • Our way of teaching has been adapted as well. According to your specific programme, you may expect an optimum combination of online learning and physical teaching in small groups, with respect for social distancing. We feel confident that in this blended format we will continue to deliver qualitative learning journeys with high satisfaction and maximum impact.

We will of course continue to remain vigilant, closely monitoring the latest developments, and we will adjust our safety measures accordingly.

Prior to coming to one of our campuses
  • First of all, we count on your own sense of responsibility. If you feel ill or show symptoms that could be related to Covid-19, or if your are a high-risk patient due to your medical condition (not related to Covid-19), we strongly urge you not to come to campus.
  • Secondly, we recommend washing your hands before you leave home and we ask you to disinfect them immediately upon arrival at campus. Hand sanitiser is provided at all campus entrances.
Your journey on campus
What we do to keep you safe
  • The capacity of our lecture rooms, breakout rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, lounge, offices, elevators and other common areas including our garden has been reduced to guarantee social distancing. If necessary, certain areas have been closed.
  • Until further notice, it is unfortunately not possible for alumni nor external parties to book meeting rooms at our campuses. Due to social distancing, our teaching and seating capacity has been reduced and reorganised. Therefore, we have decided to give priority to the learning journeys of our students and participants.
  • Airconditioning facilities are up to the latest standards. They are maintained by professional firms and filters are replaced as frequently as prescribed.
  • All front-office services such as reception, library, Service Desk, … have plexiglass screens.
  • In order to avoid close personal contact, we have implemented seating plans, signs, ribbons and floor markings that will guide you to respect social distancing and that will help to steer a safe circulation of people on our campuses.
  • In order to avoid a large concentration of people at our campuses, our non-client facing employees are recommended to work from home as much as possible and as far as their job responsibilities allow this.
  • Temperature checks can be executed at the reception desk and we have installed a quarantine room in order to guarantee immediate isolation if needed.
  • During the quarantine period, all of our campuses have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All common spaces such as lecture rooms, breakout rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, lounge, sanitary facilities, office spaces… will be cleaned in-depth multiple times per day. Frequently touched objects or surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, buttons on coffee or vending machines, … will be disinfected multiple times per day. Cleaning includes air purification through bio-organic products to protect against viruses and bacteria.
How you can help us
For the purpose of tracking and tracing, all campus visitors must register at reception. Students and participants are registered automatically.
We ask you to respect an interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres, both at the campus entrance and exit, as well as during your time at our campus.
Wearing a protective face mask is obligatory upon entering our campuses, except when having lunch and outside in the garden. Please consult the official guidelines regarding the proper use of face masks.
  • Students and participants to programmes can either use their own mask or use a Vlerick mask that will be provided to them upon their first arrival on campus.
  • Visitors need to bring their own mask. In case you have forgotten your face mask, you can obtain one at the reception desk.
  • Professors and guest lecturers will be wearing a protective face mask or face shield whilst teaching, in order to guarantee an optimum learning experience.
You need to wash or disinfect your hands upon arrival, as well as regularly throughout your visit to our campus. Wherever washing your hands with water and soap is not possible, we have foreseen hand sanitisers. Dispensers are located at the main entrance of our campuses, as well as at the entrance of lecture rooms, breakout rooms, meeting rooms and all other common spaces.
Please note that hand sanitiser is highly inflammable. As such, wait at least 1 minute after disinfecting your hands before you light up a cigarette. As always, smoking is only allowed in the foreseen smoking areas.
We ask you not to shake hands and we advise against sharing office supplies, phones or other personal belongings with other participants.
  All generally recommended rules such as coughing and sneezing into a handkerchief or elbow and discarding used handkerchiefs immediately, also apply to our campuses.
If you feel unwell or if you show first symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, coughing or difficulty in breathing) whilst already being on campus, you should seek medical clearance. Staff have been trained to recognise symptoms and are aware of the measures that need to be taken in the event of a suspected infection.
Permanent follow-up

Our internal Corona task force will continue to monitor and assess all Covid-19 updates from the government. Based on this regular assessment, the task force will continue to make recommendations and we are ready to continuously adjust any of our measures if necessary. This approach will ensure that our response to the outbreak remains appropriate, balanced and effective at all times.

During the past months of lockdown, we have demonstrated that we are fully capable of quickly shifting from physical to hybrid and online teaching and we assure you that, when faced with a new wave of infections or even a lockdown, we will once more make that shift to 100% online.

Our faculty has mastered the best online teaching practices and our programme coordinators have turned into moderators and audiovisual producers, guaranteeing an optimum experience for students and participants taking classes remotely. Our Learning Impact Indicator – by which we measure the quality of our learning journeys – shows that the satisfaction during the lockdown was even higher than before.

So, you can rest assured that whenever you start your learning journey with Vlerick Business School, we will be there for you in every way, helping you to finish your journey in a qualitative way.

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