Vlerick Award

Each year, the Vlerick Award is granted to a visionary business leader who guided her or his company to the international top with sustainable results in the presence of over 400 alumni guests, many former winners and nominees.

The winner remains undecided until the very last moment, because it is the public who decides who should win the Vlerick Award. Before the event, the public can cast his vote online through the website of Vlerick Alumni. The final result is obtained by counting these votes together with the result of the live voting from the audience during the Show.

Take a look at the overview below, containing the highlights of the Vlerick Award and make sure to join the next edition!

Upcoming Edition

Vlerick Awards 2018, 7 June 2018 - Hôtel De La Poste Brussels

Vlerick Awards 2018


Past Editions:

Vlerick Award 2017, 8 June 2017, Hôtel De La Poste Brussels

Vlerick Award 2017

Vlerick Award 2016, 2 June 2016, Le Plaza Hotel Brussels  

During the Vlerick Award 2016 we further explored the theme of "Legacy and Promise: Building on yesterday, heading into tomorrow". How do each of our nominees lead their company which has such a rich past without losing focus on the future? How can we build on legacy and head into tomorrow to realise the promise of the future?

Vlerick Award 2015, 4 June 2015, Hotel Le Plaza Brussels

A look back on the Vlerick Award 2015...


Vlerick Award 2014, 4 June 2014, Hotel Le Plaza Brussels

Take a look at the pictures of the Vlerick Award 2014:

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