The dream of Bart

When he was little, Bart De Waele (SME Excellence, 2011) wanted to be a writer. But he was also intrigued by computers at a young age; and in the 1990s he became very interested in the internet. So that’s the passion he pursued.

Bart is the founder and CEO of Digital Agency Wijs, a company that builds websites and helps people communicate through digital channels.

Bart De Waele: “I think my job as CEO is to constantly fire myself. I’m constantly trying to find experts that are better than I am at a particular part of my job, and then I give that part to them.”

“I participated in Vlerick’s SME Excellence programme during a period of fusion: Wijs is actually a fusion of two different companies, and Vlerick helped me determine the strategy for this new company. The programme also propelled me out of my digital bubble − suddenly I was surrounded by people from all kinds of industries. Their problems were very similar to mine, but their answers were different − and this gave me a lot of new insights.”

Key message:
“You can’t reverse-engineer success. Vlerick can show you the pitfalls that you have to look out for − and this can accelerate the growth of your business.”

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