Can the road to your career go through Teheran

When he was very young, an influential person in Michael Goris’ life told him: “If you can dream it, you can realise it.” Michael’s adult life is proving the truth of that statement.

Today, Michael is the CEO of MESID, a joint venture between Iran and China, active in CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and LED energy-saving lighting. He’s helping the company become more professional by attracting Iran’s abundance of highly-educated job seekers. The result is that MESID is the fastest growing manufacturer in Iran, with the ambition of entering the top global markets within three years.

“Studying is one of the fundamentals of professional and personal growth,” he maintains. Following his university studies in Applied Economics, with a specialisation in IT, he joined Vlerick’s Young Management Programme (2005). “I learned a lot about marketing and finance and creating a competitive advantage − which opened the way for me and really changed my life. I think Vlerick has a lot of very high-level professors, who not only teach you content but also help you develop what’s inside you.”

Key message:
“Everybody has a dream − but many people are afraid to take the steps to realise their dream. I firmly believe that everyone should choose to live the life they are born for.””

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