FINANCE Club Board

Meet the chairman of the FINANCE Club

Nicolas Costers (MFM 2010)

Nicolas Costers MFM

“Panta Rhei” – everything flows (Heraclitus).

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Meet the FINANCE Club Board

Kristof Beckers MFM
Kristof Beckers 
Ralf De Clercq MFM
Ralf De Clercq
 Bernard Hendrikx MFM
Bernard Hendrikx
Julie Lietaer MFM
Julie Lietaer

Leonard Soenen MFM
Leonard Soenen
 Nicolas Vandermarliere MFM
Nicolas Vandermarliere
Sven Vandewiel MFM
Sven Vandewiele
Olivia Vermeersch MFM
Olivia Vermeersch

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