Meet the chairman of the MARKETING Club

Frederik Malesevic (M3 2009)

Frederik Malesevic M3

“You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

In complex times, thinking out of the box becomes the rule instead of the exception. The Vlerick Alumni association challenges you to keep a sharp look on the new reality we live in. The content and network events are the perfect stimulus to keep you on top of your game.

Meet the MARKETING Club Board

Simon Ampe M3
Simon Ampe
Florence Blanckaert M3
Florence Blanckaert

 Sam Conings M3
Sam Conings

Dieter Debacker M3
Dieter Debacker
(Reunion Team)  
Gregory Delens M3
Grégory Delens
(Colloquium Team) 
Michel Demoor M3
Michel Demoor
(Marketing Shower Team) 

Lien Depoot M3
Lien Depoot   

Audrey Deweer M3
Audrey Deweer
Michaël Gangl M3
Michaël Gangl
(Reunion Team)
 Veronique Goossens M3
Veronique Goossens
Sara Louwagie M3
Sara Louwagie
(Surprise Manager)

Charlotte Minne M3
Charlotte Minne  

 Nina Ramon M3
Nina Ramon
(Colloquium Team)
Carlota Schuermans M3 
Carlota Schuermans
(Student Team) 
Sofie Van de Velde M3
Sofie Van de Velde
Celine Vandevelde M3
Celine Vandevelde
Chloë Van der Straeten M3
Chloë Van der Straeten
(Responsible Finance)
Renier Vanhaerents M3
Renier Vanhaerents

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