Eandis is an independent service company that operates the electricity and natural gas distribution grid in 234 Flemish cities and municipalities (its main partners and shareholders). It does this on behalf of the  distribution grid operators Gaselwest, IMEA, Imewo, Intergem, Iveka, Iverlek and Sibelgas. Eandis employs some 4,000 people.


Latest Eandis news

  1. Negotiation Intelligence at Eandis

    Date: 08/12/2016
    The energy sector is a dynamic playing field. For a major Belgian player such as Eandis, it is important to take an agile stance. “Being able to react fast and anticipate intelligently is what it’s all about. That also plays a crucial role in negotiations, as the results of our Prime Foundation Partnership at the Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® have demonstrated. In the coming three years, we aim to deepen this consultation model and transfer it to our internal and external stakeholders,” Werner Verlinden, HR Director of Eandis, tells us.
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  2. The energy market: many shades of grey

    Date: 23/03/2016
    Energy and electricity are usually associated with the colour green. Not so for professor Leonardo Meeus: “Today, grey is the colour. Not a boring grey though. An exciting grey”. Twenty years ago, almost the entire energy value chain was in the hands of a single player. Nowadays there are different bodies responsible for different areas. In the sidelines of the distribution system, a myriad of new activities have sprung up which are not regulated at a national or EU level.
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  3. Never change a winning team

    Date: 20/10/2015
    On 30 September Eandis and Vlerick officially renewed their Chair partnership. “This collaboration between academia and industry has provided much more insight than we expected,” says Jean-Pierre Hollevoet, Director of Asset Management and Supply Chain at Eandis. “Over the past five years we’ve been working closely with Vlerick and the good chemistry between our teams inspired us to continue our journey.” Dean Marion Debruyne is thrilled with the renewal as well: “The energy sector is one of our strategic focus areas and the Eandis Chair was one of our first ventures into this field. It’s wonderful to see it being continued.”
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  4. Set to shape the future of DSOs

    Date: 13/10/2015
    30 September 2015 was a special day for our new Dean with the signing of not one, but two Chair partnerships. Belgian DSO Eandis renewed its Chair and, together with Dutch DSO Alliander, entered into a new one, the “DSO Chair”. As part of the Vlerick Energy Centre, it will support and stimulate the ongoing policy and regulatory debate on the future of distribution grid companies. This Chair remains open to other DSOs.
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  5. When ‘smart’ becomes ‘intelligent’

    Date: 27/06/2014
    The recent publication of a research paper entitled “The Impact of Supply Chain Resilience on the Business Case for Smart Meter Installation” was a new milestone in the Chair Partnership with Flemish gas and power distributor Eandis. What started off as a proof of concept among 4,000 households having a smart meter installed has grown into a challenging big data venture with information no-one has ever had before.
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