Möbius is an international group of business consultants. We are a young company born from the University of Ghent. Strongly tied to Vlerick Business School. Grown rapidly. With interesting customers. With real issues. Innovative projects. Wildly ambitious. Just like you, for your own career. That’s why we understand each other. Together we pursue results. That’s what our customers expect, from us and from you.
Business consulting, profoundly different!


Latest Möbius news

  1. What do millennials expect from their employer?

    Date: 13/10/2016
    “In job interviews, millennials quote flexibility and autonomy as their main expectations”, says Nathalie Vermassen, HR Manager at MÖBIUS. But how can you, as an employer, deal with this strategically? Nathalie shares five tips in the framework of the revamped Talent Partnership through which her consultancy company recruits our most talented Master graduates.
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  2. ‘Getting out into the field’

    Date: 30/12/2015
    When Hendrik Van Maele established Möbius in 1997, little did he suspect that 17 years later he would head up an international business consultancy firm with 150 employees who deliver what they promise: to be “profoundly different” from the competition. “Our consultants get out into the field themselves if need be.”
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  3. ‘Broad knowledge, mature profile’

    Date: 08/07/2014
    At the end of May consultancy firm MÖBIUS renewed its corporate partnership with Vlerick. “This Talent Partnership is fully in line with our ambitious growth plans, which call for a major recruitment drive,” explains Nathalie Vermassen, HR and General Manager at MÖBIUS.
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  4. Partnership with MÖBIUS renewed - Lean and smart

    Date: 05/11/2013
    Ghent-based consultancy company MÖBIUS has renewed its Prime Foundation Partnership with Vlerick Business School, in an agreement that is expected to strengthen cooperation on smart business practices. More specifically, MÖBIUS will be starting a lean management benchmark project with us.
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  5. Supply chain managers: Functional experts today, innovative networkers tomorrow?

    Date: 28/03/2013
    Much has been written about the technical aspects of supply chain management: how to optimise safety stock, logistics, warehouse design, partners in the chain, and so on. But what about the supply chain organisation and the role and position of the supply chain manager? To find out how companies view their supply chain function today – and how this vital function is evolving into the future – Vlerick and research partners Möbius and Hudson conducted a survey of nearly 340 supply chain practitioners from a variety of industries.
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