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Tech for non-tech

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What do IoT, blockchain, AI and RPA mean to you? If you’re from a non-tech background, you might have heard of them – but you might not realise the impact they can have. They’re technologies that are shaping the way we work – and professionals in all sectors need to understand them to succeed in our increasingly digital world.

Does this mean you need to become a tech whizz? Not at all. It means you need to develop the knowledge and skills to assess different types of technology and better understand tech professionals. When you understand what they do – and why it’s important – you’ll be able to benefit from their expertise. You’ll be able to make decisions – and feel confident that they’re the right ones.

Why this programme?

Why this programme?
Tech for Non-tech Professionals shows you the fundamentals of technology and the impact it can have. You’ll learn to take advantage of technology – both in your role and for your organisation. You’ll discover how technology impacts your current business model – and how it can enhance it.


For whom?

For whom?

We welcome professionals with little or no background in technology who want to strengthen their technology business knowledge.

Detailed Programme

Detailed Programme

 This 3-day programme counts three modules on the key technological knowledge and skills you need to embrace technology.

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Type: Short Focused

Length: 3 days

Start: 04/12/2019

Language: English

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