Brand Management and Communication

Building brands in the 21st century

Face the major challenges of brand management and communication today. From digitalisation to information overload, social responsibility, increasing consumer skepticism and the importance of accountability. Develop the skills you need to manage your brands, get them out there and keep them future-proof!

Why this programme?

Why this programme?

You will connect theory to practice, and back again. Theoretical concepts and insights turn real through real-life examples, business cases and exercises. You’ll learn from faculty’s lectures as much as from interaction and exchange with their peers.

For whom?

For whom?

Professionals active in marketing, brand management and/or marketing communication.

Detailed Programme

Detailed Programme

This 4-day programme covers four modules with each time first the theoretical background, essential to learn how to manage your brand and to communicate about it, and secondly a guest speaker’s testimonial.

Practical info


Type: Short Focused

Length: 4 days

Start: 22/10/2018

Language: English

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