Capturing more value through better pricing strategy and tactics

Pricing is one of the most critical profit drivers of a company, but it is also one of the least understood. Many executives with pricing responsibilities rely on gut feeling, questionable assumptions, experiments or a simple cost-plus model to set prices. As a consequence, you don’t capture a significant amount of the value you create and you leave money on the table.

This highly-interactive programme helps participants design and implement a well-crafted pricing strategy to gain more value from your customers.

During your 3-days on campus, you will translate the conceptual frameworks to case studies, benefit from the experiences and perspectives of a talented group of peers, and define the scope of your pricing challenge. The goal of this challange is for you to apply your key learnings to your own business, so that you have a better pricing strategy and concrete action plan, which will help you capture more value. A number of months after the programme, we invite you back to Vlerick Business School for a sounding-board session with your peers and Prof Tackx, in which you will receive feedback and input on your pricing challenge.

If the regulations change, we will reconsider which format is best suited for this programme. You can rely on our agility and know-how to adapt your programme’s format to create the best solution. So, whether you learn with us on campus or online – or a hybrid of the two – you can be sure of a great experience.

Why this programme?

Why this programme?

Identify the crucial drivers that create profitable pricing opportunities.

For whom?

For whom?

This programme is relevant for managers who are responsible for pricing decisions and/or revenue management.

Detailed programme

Detailed Programme

Move from decisions based on assumptions towards your well-crafted pricing strategy.

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Type: Short Focused

Length: 4 days

Start: 27/10/2021

Language: English

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