Detailed Programme

The 'Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management' starts with four core modules. These have been designed to give you a superb Supply Chain Management learning experience and get you working alongside your fellow participants and faculty. When you’ve completed the core modules, it will be up to you to decide what you want to learn by choosing electives that fulfil yours and your company’s needs. And through an in-company project, you’ll be able to work on your own challenges, relevant to your business.

Core modules

  • Module 1: Strategy and planning for an effective supply chain
    • Understanding supply chain dynamics
    • Using your supply chain to create a competitive advantage
    • Supply Chain segmentation
    • Planning and managing inventories in a supply chain
    • Integrated supply chain planning
  • Module 2: Structuring the global supply chain
    • Developing a strategy for distribution logistics
    • Global integration and local responsiveness
    • Service level agreements (SLAs) for outsourced services
  • Module 3: Managing cross-functional supply chains
    • Integrated sales and operations planning (S&OP)
    • Understanding supply chain cost and financial performance
    • Organising for supply chain management
  • Module 4: Managing agile and sustainable supply chains
    • Understand and manage global supply chain complexity and risk
    • Supply chain sustainability

In-company project

With this Executive Master Class, you’ll have an impact in your organisation! Not only are our classes filled with practical examples, case studies and guest speakers. Through an in-company project, you’ll be able to work on your own challenges, relevant to your business.

In order to meet the Executive Master Class certification requirements, you should successfully execute an in-company project, which allows you to translate your knowledge into business practice. Throughout this in-company project, you’ll apply the knowledge and experience acquired during the programme in your own business. This project is carried out under the supervision of a faculty adviser and an internal company adviser. The scope of the project is defined in consultation with the company and the Vlerick adviser. The outcome of the project is a practical and relevant management report that will help you realise the impact of the Executive Master Class in your business.

Project Sounding Boards

After the end of your core modules you will be divided into small project groups in order to attend two sounding board sessions.

During the first content (peer) coaching you will gather with your peers where you can give each other feedback on the process, questions, hurdles you are facing when working on your project.

During the second sounding board the focus will be on impact coaching. The goal of this sounding board is to help you create an inspiring pitch about the project you are working on and the fellow participants of your group give you feedback. This will also serve as a good preparation for the final project defence.

Recommended paths

When you’ve completed the core modules, it will be up to you to decide what you want to learn. Based on our experience we recommend three possible paths. You choose the one that best fulfils yours and your company’s needs. Not sure what to choose? We‘ll be happy to advice you on this!

Path Expert

Expert Path - "Deepen your supply chain expertise"

Select a combination of 2 modules (in total 4 to 6 days):

Operational Excellence

Mastering the Digital Supply Chain

Path Leadership

Leadership Path - "Grow professionally and as a person"


The People Manager

Path Pick & Choose

Pick & Choose

The recommended paths don’t fully address your needs? Then simply build your own path by selecting the 2 electives most suited to yours & your company’s needs. You can choose these electives from some short-focused programmes with a minimum of 4 and up to a total maximum of 6 days. Our programme finder will give you a good overview of possibilities. Or you can just contact us for further advice.

A learning experience like no other

When you come to Vlerick, you step away from your usual routine and gain a wider perspective. You discover how to tackle challenges, turn your knowledge into action and apply your skills in your workplace. You learn from faculty who are experts in their fields – and from a diverse group of peers. All these things help you become a confident, skilled professional, ready to succeed in business – and in life.

Vlerick Learning Experience

Drive real change in your organisation

A learning experience with real impact on your operations? A management programme tailored to the specific needs of your business? Contact us and discover how we can design and deliver customised programmes for your team that add genuine value to your organisation.

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