What do we look for?

1. Academic potential

You need to be able to handle rigorous and fast-paced work. We expect strong performance in both your undergraduate studies and whichever assessment exam (GMAT, GRE, or VBAT) you choose to take.  We measure academic potential by not only looking at your overall performance in your undergraduate studies, but also looking closely at trends in your performance.  If you have taken quantitative courses, how did you perform in those courses?  If your overall performance was not strong, did you demonstrate improvement in your performance as you progressed?

2. Vlerick potential

In determining Vlerick potential, we are ultimately trying to get a sense of fit.  Will you be a valuable addition to the cohort and will your experience at Vlerick add value to your future professional and personal plans? We also consider your potential as a manager. We take a very close look at your professional experiences,  your career progression to date, and the goals you have set for yourself.

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