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Gain in-depth insight into the front-end business of managing financial assets. In this nine-day programme, you go beyond financial theory to develop a holistic view of how asset management works in practice. You live and learn asset management with practical insights from some of the key players in Belgium’s asset management landscape – including Vlerick faculty and experts from our partner institutions. When you complete the programme you’ll be able to leap confidently into asset management. 

Detailed programme

By the end of this programme, you’ll have excellent inside knowledge of the world of asset management. There are four core modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of asset management activity – as well as an introductory online “essentials” module to prepare you for your on-campus learning journey. 

There’s also an opportunity to participate in two optional, specialised workshops which dive into specific asset management themes. 

You’ll learn from faculty with experience in key roles in the asset management industry. They take an open, interactive approach and encourage you to challenge and ask questions. 

Kick-off module: Essentials  

  • Industry intro & get to know each other (on campus)
  • Understand the essentials of (online):
    Time value of money
    Discount rate

Module 1: Foundations and Risk  

  • Explore what an asset management company is and how it’s organised, including: 
  • Active and passive management 
  • Investment styles 
  • Balanced portfolio management 
  • Performance measures 
  • Compliance, standards, governance and regulation 

Module 2: Legal Aspects and Types of Investors  

  • Explore risk and the risk management framework 
  • Learn about monetising risk 
  • Discover types of investors, including: 
  • Insurance 
  • Pension funds 
  • Private banks 

Module 3: Portfolio management  

  • Dive into fundamental analysis of equity and fixed income
  • Discover equity portfolio management
  • Understand interest rate risk
  • Explore fixed income portfolio management 

Module 4: Alternative investments  

  • Explore lifecycle investing
  • Understand factor investing and smart beta
  • Discover alternative investments, including: 
  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Private debt
  • Insurance-linked securities 

Why this programme

  • Gain deeper insight into money management, managing funds and portfolios and how asset managers organise them 
  • Measure and evaluate investment performance 
  • Strengthen your understanding of institutional investors and their needs 
  • Develop a sound understanding of legal and regulatory frameworks 
  • Understand trends in the asset management industry and learn to evaluate potential investments 

Vlerick Business School is accredited by FSMA as a provider of in-service training in banking and investment services. This means when you successfully complete this programme, you gain official education points.  

The programme is also accredited by the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium (IA|BE). Participants can receive CPD points when they complete the programme. 

Who should attend

  • Professionals working in an asset management company, including fund and portfolio managers, product managers and analysts
  • Private bankers at front office level
  • Senior executives and non-executive board members of financial institutions including asset management companies 
  • Family offices
  • Professionals including investment consultants, consulting actuaries, audit firms, institutional actors, financial journalists, law firms and regulatory professionals  
  • This programme is particularly relevant to non-asset managers working in or for the asset management industry.

Success stories

Antoine Poley

Having just started my asset management career, this programme was ideal. It has been an intellectually enriching and stimulating experience. The programme is taught by skilled lecturers – true experts with exceptional knowledge to share. The programme is intended to be as interactive as possible.

Julie Gossen

The networking opportunities were exceptional – with 2-day sessions in Ghent and Leuven. The programme enabled everyone to exchange insights and build strong bonds with our peers. The very diverse group of participants made this journey even more enriching, as everyone had a different take on how to apply the newly acquired knowledge to their respective careers.

Bjorn DeVriese

I chose Vlerick because it offers this flagship programme in the Benelux region, and I found no alternative that matched its quality. The modules – excellently designed, structured and delivered – cover a wide range of themes within the financial world.

Vlerick is a life-changing experience in my lifelong learning journey and career. I have gained a wealth of new knowledge for myself, not to mention the professional contacts and beautiful friendships.


David Veredas

David Veredas

Professor of Financial Markets

David Veredas makes sure you understand finance and sustainability – and think critically about them.

Frederiek Van Holle

Frederiek Van Holle

Lecturer of Finance

Frederiek Van Holle shares deep, first-hand experience of the asset management world with our students.

Jan De Bondt

Jan De Bondt

Executive in Residence

Jan De Bondt is an experienced founder with a solid history in investment banking.

Jan Longeval

Jan Longeval

Adjunct Professor of Finance

Jan Longeval has vast expertise in asset management – and brings years of experience in finance to his teaching at Vlerick.

Mathieu Luypaert

Mathieu Luypaert

Professor of Corporate Finance

Mathieu Luypaert explains how insights into financial figures and decisions can lead to value creation.

Sophie Manigart

Sophie Manigart

Professor of Corporate Finance

Sophie Manigart is an experienced teacher, researcher and advisor in entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and private equity.

Wouter De Maeseneire

Wouter De Maeseneire

Professor of Corporate Finance

Wouter De Maeseneire is passionate about explaining financial management principles by linking finance to business models and strategies.

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Ramandeep Wazir

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