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Being an interim manager comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. You often work in organisations going through change – and you need to make an impact and add value quickly. You also have to be resilient and self-sufficient. 

On this five-day programme you live and learn the approaches you need to align strategy, people and finance, so that you can make your mark and bring teams along with you. You also network and share experiences with other interim managers. 

Detailed programme

Over an intense five days, you dive into four modules that have been designed to strengthen your approach and give you the skills to succeed in interim management.

You discover models and develop skills that help you understand each new business context quickly – and get traction as you implement strategy. You also meet and network with other professionals who share their experiences and insights of being interim managers. 

Module 1: Implementing a winning business strategy 

  • Learn to formulate a winning business strategy 
  • Know that strategy is the foundation for all activity 
  • Discover the importance of change management in successful strategy execution 

Module 2: Corporate performance management 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the management control process 
  • Learn to translate strategy into action 
  • Know how to define key performance indicators that capture the strategic drivers of value 
  • Explore strategy mapping and the importance of the balanced scorecard in creating a strategy-focused organisation 

Module 3: Change management 

  • Explore the challenges of leading change 
  • Discover models for successful change management 
  • Learn to foster an adaptive culture – and the power of unlearning 
  • Learn how to be a role model for change 

Module 4: People management 

  • Understand what makes teams go the extra mile 
  • Discover how to build trust as an interim manager 
  • Understand how to deal with shifts in career expectations 

Why this programme

  • Develop a comprehensive interim management skill set 
  • Bring the latest thinking and techniques to your approach 
  • Become more confident and effective at rolling out change 
  • Take advantage of a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with other interim managers 

Who should attend

  • Experienced interim managers – who have already completed at least one interim management assignment 
  • Professionals with at least 10 years’ experience 
  • Interim managers who want to build on their existing knowledge and incorporate latest practice and thinking into their approach 
  • Interim managers who want to expand their professional network  

Success stories

Hugo Ketels

Very useful refresher, offering updated information and additional insights into a number of important aspects important in interim management. Excellent networking! 

Stefan Van Wanzeele

Every interim manager has to stay up to date with all aspects and topics of the business world. The Mastering Interim Management Programme makes it possible to refresh, update and expand your personal knowledge. The possibility of setting up a network with other interim managers and having discussions, makes this programme very valuable.

Peter Hermans

Thanks to this programme I am more convinced than ever about my choice of being an interim manager. You learn a lot about yourself, meet interesting colleagues and learn a lot of tips and tricks that can be applied in real-time projects. Highly recommended. 


Dirk Buyens

Dirk Buyens

Professor of Human Resources Management

Dirk Buyens is an authority on strategic HR, strategic talent management and organisational structuring, in line with business strategy.

Kurt Verweire

Kurt Verweire

Professor of Strategy

Kurt Verweire is a specialist in helping companies to develop and implement winning business strategies. 

Filip Roodhooft

Filip Roodhooft

Professor of Management Accounting

Filip Roodhooft shows you how the finance function can be a valuable business partner for your organisation. 

David Patient

David Patient

Professor of Leadership

David Patient explores the effects of managerial communication, power and influence.

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Deborah de Bleyser

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