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In today’s complex world of work, effective project management is critical. This four-day programme gives you the tools, techniques and skills to successfully deliver projects and manage stakeholders. 

It helps project management professionals like you to manage people – and to encourage, help and steer teams to reach the finish line on time and on budget. You’ll live and learn new approaches in case simulations – so you’re ready to leap into project coordination in your own organisation.  

Detailed programme

In four modules, you’ll discover how a project-based approach to working gives you flexibility, accountability and control – and you’ll gain project management insights and techniques that allow you to drive productivity. 

Module 1: The fundamentals of project-based working 

  • Explore the differences between project management and portfolio management 
  • Discover how to link project-based working with organisational structure 
  • Understand potential project pitfalls and success factors  

Module 2: Project planning and network analysis 

  • Discover network planning techniques 
  • Learn to manage resources 
  • Dive into simulated cases on project performance and risk analysis 
  • Explore project planning software 

Module 3: Project performance management and project control 

  • Understand risk management and the project baseline schedule 
  • Explore project performance measurement and follow-up 

Module 4: Teamwork and people management skills  

  • Discover team building and interaction styles 
  • Understand how to communicate within a team 
  • Explore and assess your own strengths and weaknesses  

Why this programme

  • Know how to design, plan, and manage projects 
  • Understand the drivers of project performance 
  • Recognise the challenges and pitfalls of every project phase 
  • Keep your projects aligned with company strategy and allocated resources 

Who should attend

  • Project managers 
  • Executives looking to professionalise their project management skills  

Success stories

Nele Van Crombrugge

The programme revolved around developing good structures for both the project and the organisation. Through examples, we put theory into practice. Plenty of attention was given to the social skills of the project leader and his or her role within the team. I left the programme with actionable ideas to apply within my projects. 


Mario Vanhoucke

Mario Vanhoucke

Professor of Decision Sciences

Mario Vanhoucke helps you boost project performance and resource efficiency.

Dirk Buyens

Dirk Buyens

Professor of Human Resources Management

Dirk Buyens is an authority on strategic HR, strategic talent management and organisational structuring, in line with business strategy.

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