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The business world is changing rapidly. To stay ahead, organisations need to be ready to disrupt, transform – and roll out new business ideas rapidly. They need to make innovation part of business as usual. 

This four-day programme introduces you to the tools you need to design, implement and manage an innovation strategy that leads to business growth. You live and learn what it means to be an inspiring innovation leader – so you can leap into embedding an innovative culture in your organisation. 

Detailed programme

The programme starts by exploring key theoretical concepts and frameworks with Innovation professor Walter Van Dyck. Then it’s time to turn theory into practice. You’ll get the opportunity to apply the frameworks to your own organisation and develop an innovation strategy. And you’ll learn from expert guest speakers –  including Guy Wollaert, former Chief Innovation Officer at The Coca-Cola Company. 

There are four modules, each designed to give you the knowledge and tools to lead your organisation to innovation success. 

Module 1: Innovation ambition: Developing your vision  

  • Identify your corporate innovation ambition
  • Explore the impact of living in times of exponential change
  • Identify ways to make your company, product or service more relevant 
  • Dive into the dynamics that lead to disruptive, industry-shaking innovations 
  • Take part in an innovation strategy simulation: make tough product portfolio decisions and learn to allocate your innovation budget 

Module 2:  Innovation concept and plan: Organising your innovation processes

  • Discover how to manage your core business for sustained innovation
  • Learn to manage an innovation project portfolio
  • Dive into corporate venturing and business model innovation

Module 3: The innovative leader

  • Discover what it takes to become a values-based innovation leader
  • Learn how to embed a culture of innovation in your organisation
  • Explore the best leadership approach for intrapreneurship 
  • Find out how to lead and inspire your innovation ecosystem
  • Understand how to balance creativity and discipline

Module 4: Implementing your industry-specific innovation concept

  • Discover different approaches according to your industry
  • Learn how to implement an experience-based innovation concept with an example from Coca-Cola  

Why this programme

  • Formulate your own innovation vision – including your ambition, concept and plan to achieve it 
  • Identify patterns that lead to transformation and disruption 
  • Determine how to respond to change both inside and outside your industry – so you can leapfrog your competition 
  • Plan strategically to make sure your best ideas are implemented – and create a growth roadmap for the future  
  • Develop intrapreneurial processes to capture disruptive ideas outside your core business 
  • Find the right balance between internal and external innovation 
  • Discover the mindset and capabilities you need to become an innovation leader and foster an innovative culture  

Who should attend

  • Managers and directors who have a mandate to shape innovation strategy
  • Organisations who have put transformation and responding to disruption high on their agendas
  • Innovative organisations that disrupt industries and develop new markets 

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

Yuriy Vdovychenko

The programme’s biggest ROI for my company? A more efficient innovation process linked with business growth and based on risk and opportunity assessment. And Networking is definitely one of the top advantages of choosing Vlerick. I found customers and suppliers for our company among the participants. Read Yuriy's testimonial here.

Geert Adams

This programme is refreshing – it puts various innovation methodologies and approaches into a conceptual and structured overview without losing the pragmatic touch. With our new knowledge, we will build a more structured approach towards more open innovation, involving our partners in the value chain.


Walter Van Dyck

Walter Van Dyck

Professor of Innovation Management

Walter Van Dyck supports global science and technology companies with strategic innovation management.

Koen Tackx

Koen Tackx

Professor of Marketing

Koen Tackx creates sustainable value for customers, shareholders and society with effective pricing, innovation and product management.

Guy Wollaert

Guy Wollaert

Executive in Residence

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Marjolein Van der Weerden

Marjolein Van der Weerden