Essentials in Sales Skills

Understand and set up a customer-centric sales strategy and explore sales tactics


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The competitive environment you’re facing is intense. Which means knowing how to build relationships with customers, and create seamless customer journeys, is critical for sales success. 

In this 100% online, self-paced programme, you live and learn how to find customers, understand their needs, build strong relationships, add value and adapt for different customer profiles. You also discover how sales can be disrupted by technology – and prepare to take the leap as a confident sales professional. 

Detailed programme

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This programme comprises 5 modules - each diving into a different aspect of sales management. 

Module 1: Introducing customer-centric selling 

  • Discover how to create value for your customer, as well as for your own organisation 
  • Understand the importance of customer-centricity 
  • Know how to manage customer expectations  

Module 2: Identifying your customers - portfolio analysis

  • Learn how to focus your efforts on the right customers 
  • Identify key customers for your company 
  • Know how to deploy your time and resources effectively by targeting the right customers 

Module 3: Addressing customers' journeys and their corresponding needs  

  • Understand the importance of customer journeys and use them to identify value-creating opportunities 
  • Identify pain points in the customer journey 
  • Discover the importance of working with internal stakeholders to meet the needs of external stakeholders 
  • Learn how to engage with your customer at every step of their journey 

Module 4: Adapting sales processes to create value   

  • Discover the importance of a value proposition – and know how to craft one 
  • Explore customer needs 
  • Understand your potential customer’s social style, so you can adapt your own 
  • Identify the questions they may ask – and the responses you should give 
  • Know how to handle objections and close deals 

Module 5: Selling in the digital age 

  • Learn how technology shapes the B2B buying and sales process 
  • Discover the impact of the digitally- empowered customer 
  • Understand the typical buying process and integrate it with the new hybrid selling process 
  • Know the role of marketing in the new digital sales process 

Programme design 

Start Essentials in Sales Skills at any time – and study wherever and whenever suits you. It takes around 10 to 12 hours to complete the programme, and you have a maximum of three months to go through all the modules. 

It’s an online journey that’s packed with videos, interviews, exercises, questionnaires and real-life examples. You’ll also have background reading to do – and questions to help you reflect on your own experiences. 

Why this programme

By the time you complete this programme, you’ll understand all the skills you need to make sales and build customer relationships. You’ll understand how to map your customer’s journey, allocate the right resources and collaborate with internal stakeholders to create value for customers – and integrate digital sales approaches. Whether you’re about to start out in sales, or you’re already leading a sales team, this programme will help you polish your skills, coach your colleagues – and become even more successful. 

Who should attend

  • Professionals who want to strengthen their sales skills and become more confident  
  • Professionals who don’t sell as a part of their role, but would like to get some understanding of it  
  • Professionals who want to want to know how to attract and retain customers, how to do sales talks and close deals  
  • Sales representatives, account managers, entrepreneurs, sales managers and directors 

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