Leading Leaders

Discover your true purpose

You’re already an experienced leader. Now you want to go further, so you can steer your organisation through an uncertain business landscape. This journey of self-discovery is designed to help you grow both personally and professionally – and become an even more strategic leader.

The Leading leaders programme is offered in a blended format, covering both on-campus and online sessions. You’ll dive into your individual purpose – and nurture a culture of collective leadership in your organisation. You’ll return to your role ready to lead your teams to success.

Detailed programme

This 5,5-day programme is designed to support leaders on different paths. Through hands-on learning, simulations, coaching and discussions with peers and faculty, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to develop a personal and organisational action plan that will inspire you and your teams.

Module 1: Setting the scene online

  • Identify where you are now and where you want to be
  • Connect with fellow participants in an innovative kick-off experience
  • Explore strategic leadership and authenticity
  • Reflect on your personal purpose and identity

Module 2: A new era of leadership on campus

  • Identify how your personal purpose fits with your organisation’s purpose
  • Explore leadership paradoxes and how to deal with them
  • Tackle challenges such as implementing strategy and managing boundaries
  • Discover how to build more positive, engaged and resilient teams
  • Get tools to make complex decisions in uncertain situations

Module 3: Your 360° report online

  • Take part in a 360° report
  • Prepare for group coaching

Module 4: Reimagining the workplace on campus

  • Explore how improvisation techniques set the stage for productive collaboration
  • Learn how social dynamics impact organisational culture
  • Discover how to foster a climate of mutual inspiration, learning and support
  • Participate in group coaching
  • Learn proven strategic frameworks

Module 5: Back to reality online

  • Monitor progress and share feedback with your peers
  • Join a closing call with your programme manager
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Why this programme

  • Grow into a more strategic leadership role that aligns with your organisation’s purpose
  • Become confident at tackling the leadership challenges today’s business environment presents
  • Explore your leadership identity and develop your individual mindset and skills as an authentic leader
  • Understand the context today’s leaders operate in – and what this means for your organisation
  • Learn why a shared vision, cultural awareness and collaboration are so important
  • Develop a collective leadership culture that will motivate others to take the lead and make an impact

Who should attend

  • Leaders responsible for multiple teams
  • Leaders of managers – whether you’re new to the role or an experienced leader
  • Leaders looking to reinvent themselves to thrive in the business world, now and in the future

Before joining this programme, you’ll take part in an interview so we can understand your ambitions, challenges and if this is the right programme for you.


Katleen De Stobbeleir

Katleen De Stobbeleir

Professor of Leadership

Katleen De Stobbeleir is inspired by leaders who stand up and speak – and she is passionate about those who have the courage to sit and listen.

Koen Dewettinck

Koen Dewettinck

Professor of Human Resources Management

Koen Dewettinck improves the way we manage people to boost engagement and performance.

David Patient

David Patient

Professor of Leadership

David Patient explores the effects of managerial communication, power and influence.

Ralf Wetzel

Ralf Wetzel

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Ralf Wetzel unleashes the power of performing arts for individual and organisational growth and agility.


Eliza Hochman

CEO & Co-founder of World of Insights

Eliza Hochman is the CEO and co-founder of World of Insights, a company transforming corporate learning through engaging games.​ She has led an international career as a corporate learning expert bridging academia, business and consultancy.​