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Your people can make or break your business – and success depends on how you motivate and lead them. This is why people skills are essential for anyone involved in the management of people. In this four-day programme, you’ll live and learn the tools you need to boost your team’s performance and engagement and leap back into your role with confidence – ready to help take your organisation to even greater heights.

Detailed programme

This programme consists of four modules. Each focuses on a different aspect of managing people – from attracting and motivating teams through to monitoring performance and coaching.  

Module 1: The people manager as a recruiter 

  • Dive into the ‘psychological contract’ between your employees and your organisation 
  • Learn to attract the right people to your team 
  • Explore how to work with people from different generations 

Module 2: The people manager as a careers manager

  • Discover how to gain insight into people’s career ambitions and guide them through career planning
  • Assess your role as a mentor

Module 3: The people manager as a communicator and coach

  • Explore emotions and how to deal with them
  • Learn the golden rules of effective communication
  • Become an even better coach

Module 4: The people manager as a motivator and performance manager

  • Dive into the link between motivation and performance
  • Learn how to customise performance management 
  • Discover how to maximise impact

Why this programme

  • Explore how to attract the right people to your organisation and keep talented employees on board 
  • Learn to manage career expectations and rewards for a better workplace environment 
  • Discover what motivates your people and coach them along their chosen career path

Who should attend

  • Team leaders, project leaders, business unit managers, small business owners or professionals who have recently become people managers 
  • Professionals who want to motivate and lead people more effectively 
  • Professionals looking to improve their people skills 

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

Thibaud De Keyzer

The programme taught me how professional relationships should work and evolve under well-balanced people management. The key goal is growing people – and managing this growth is essential to keeping the best talent inside the company. Through different viewpoints, use cases and hands-on exercises, we quickly got to grips with a company’s most important asset: its people. 


Dirk Buyens

Dirk Buyens

Professor of Human Resources Management

Dirk Buyens is an authority on strategic HR, strategic talent management and organisational structuring, in line with business strategy.

Koen Dewettinck

Koen Dewettinck

Professor of Human Resources Management

Koen Dewettinck improves the way we manage people to boost engagement and performance.

David Patient

David Patient

Professor of Leadership

David Patient explores the effects of managerial communication, power and influence.

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