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In today’s highly competitive business environment, organisations need to be able to anticipate and prepare for what’s next. That’s why having the right strategy is fundamental.

Throughout this 100% online, self-paced programme, you discover what a winning strategy looks like. You live and learn frameworks to analyse your organisation’s current strategy – and evaluate projects and actions against it. And you’ll develop the skills to leap into contributing to your organisation’s strategy. 

Detailed programme

Essentials in Strategy is made up of four modules, designed to give you a robust introduction to strategic management: 

Module 1: Introducing the world of strategy  

  • Begin your journey by discovering what strategy is – and importantly, what it isn’t 

Module 2: Formulating strategy, step by step 

  • Discover how to analyse your organisation’s strategy 
  • Explore four criteria that make the difference between average and winning strategic choices 

Module 3: Strategy implementation and the power of alignment 

  • Dive into the strategy implementation framework – and the five sets of processes managers use to make strategy work 
  • Learn why alignment is essential for building resilient organisations 

Module 4: Conclusion 

  • Review everything you’ve learned through the programme 
  • Start planning your own strategy and how to implement it 

Programme design 

This online learning journey is packed with videos, exercises, quizzes, case studies and real-life examples to keep you engaged and motivated. You’ll also have background reading and questions to consider, to help you reflect on your own experience. 
Then you’ll have the opportunity to put theory into practice – and become confident about making the right strategic choices. 
You can start Essentials in Strategy at any time – and study wherever and whenever suits you. It takes around 10 to 12 hours to complete the programme and you can split this time over a maximum of three months.

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Why this programme

If you’re looking to develop your strategic skills, this programme will help you reach the next level. You’ll learn how strategy is a crucial part of keeping an organisation focused on its objectives – and you’ll discover how a consistent strategy can help build competitive advantage. You’ll gain new knowledge of strategic management – and become confident at having strategic discussions with colleagues.

Who should attend

  • Professionals who are keen to develop their strategic skills – whether they work in marketing, operations, legal, HR or any other function

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Carine Peeters

Carine Peeters

Professor of Strategy

Carine Peeters is a firm believer in boosting company performance through people.

Kurt Verweire

Kurt Verweire

Professor of Strategy

Kurt Verweire is a specialist in helping companies to develop and implement winning business strategies.