Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is is the world's leading champion of Project Management and Strategy Implementation. He is the creator of concepts such as the Hierarchy of Purpose featured by Harvard Business Review, or the Project Manifesto; which argues that Projects are the lingua franca of the business and personal worlds from the C-suite to managing your career or relationships.
Antonio has been recently nominated Thinker of the Month by the prestigious, who identifies the most influential management thinkers in the world, inc. Michael Porter, Clayton Christensen, Rita McGrath.
A much in-demand speaker at events worldwide, Antonio has presented at more than 160 conferences around the world over the past 15 years, regularly evaluated as the best speaker. European Business Summit, Strategy Leaders Forum, Gartner Summit, TEDx, and EU Cohesion Policy Conference with EU President Donald Tusk; are some of the events he has delivered inspirational speeches.
Author of the best-selling book "The Focused Organization", Antonio has been a visiting professor for the past decade in leading business schools, including Vlerick, Duke CE, Instituto de Empresa, Solvay Business School, and Skolkovo.


Job Title : Lecturer

Management Domain
People Management & Leadership


Expert in
Project management
Strategy Implementation
Mergers and acquisitions
Change Management
Cross-Cultural Management