Name : Van den Spiegel
First names : Freddy, Jozef, Amandine
Birthplace : Aalst, Belgium
Birth date : 16 June 1952
Address : Scherpstraat 68
1540 Herne
Telephone : 32 2 396 18 41
Ph.D. Economics, Free University Brussels
Actual Functions:
Professor Free University Brussels:
- Financial Management
- Financial Markets and Financial Institutions
- Global banking
Professor Vlerick Business School
Visiting Professor Warsaw University since 1992 and several American universities.
President of the Co-ordination Committee of the Belgian Financial Forum.
Chairman of the Vesalius College Brussels.
Member of the Board of the Institute for European Studies.
European correspondent FCIB
Assessor Belgian Competition Authority
Advisor of companies and European organisations about:
- Economic developments and geopolitical issues
- European integration and financial regulation
- Banking and finance
Board member of several companies

Previous activities and jobs
1996 – 2000 : Managing Director Fortis Investments
2000 - 2011 : Chief Economist Fortis Bank/ BNP Paribas Fortis
2003 - 2009 : Chief Economist Fortis and Director Public Affairs.
Other previous activities:
1991 – 1994 : Member of the Board of the Brussels Stock Exchange and the Brussels Futures Exchange.
1992 – 1995 : Involved in training programs in 7 countries organised by the European Commission, for Eastern European Bankers.
1996 – 1999 : President of the Belgian Association of Mutual Funds.
1996 – 1999 : Member of the Board of FEFSI (European Federation of Mutual Funds).
2005 -2009 : Chairman of the Consultative Panel of CEBS (Committee for European Banking Supervisors).
2006 – 2007 : Member of the Inter Institutional Monitoring Group (Expert group of 6 members, appointed by the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council, to publish six-monthly a report of the evolution of the European financial integration).
Field of specific interest are:
- European integration,
- Banking and financial markets,
- Asset Management.
Book: Duration analysis and ALM, 1988 NIBE, Amsterdam
Articles: numerous articles in international journals.
Family :
Two children (twins born in 1980)


Job Title : Adjunct Professor