Collaboration in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is evolving. The increasing professionalisation of hospitals generates pressure throughout the entire supply chain. Producers, distributors and logistics service providers (LSPs) reconsider their position and processes in order to cope with the new market situation.

The Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network of the Vlerick Business School examined whether attention is also paid to the relationships within the chain and what the benefits of these partnerships are. This benefit may be financial, but it can also lead to an increase in reliability, quality or service.

Collaborations mapped

In order to obtain a picture of the current status of collaboration within the health sector, 37 partnerships were studied. Both producers and distributors as well as LSPs and care centres were involved. Various types of collaboration were examined:

  • Horizontal collaboration, in which the partners are direct or potential competitors or parties that carry out analogue or complementary activities.
  • Vertical collaboration, in which the partners are in a customer-supplier relationship.

These were examined in terms of, amongst others, their purpose, the type and the potential that the various parties aspire.

Collaboration in the healthcare industry

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