Communicating BPM – Role play

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Quite often BPM practitioners are confronted with situations in which they have to persuade their peers at middle or senior management level of the usefulness and feasibility of BPM. Buy-in from middle and senior managers happens to be one of the main success factors for BPM. Apart from presenting logical arguments and solid reasoning practitioners will most likely have to do deal with typical organisational phenomena such as path dependency, internal politics, hidden agendas, personal conflicts, prejudice etc.

This class exercise aims to create an understanding of the influences that come into play when someone has the challenge to communicate the What? and Why? of BPM to middle managers. Furthermore it will help the students to create a strategy to deal with these influences and to build a solid reasoning supporting his/her case. The exercise can feature as part of BPM courses in executive education, company specific training sessions and MBA classes. The exercise is structured as a role play, creating an engaging and realistic setting. The students will learn from experience and observation. This teaching formula supports affective learning, social and communicative learning, and methodological and strategic learning.

Communicating BPM – Role play

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