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  1. ING Logo

    ING direct: rebel in the banking industry

    ING DIRECT is one of the six business lines of integrated financial services provider ING Group and active in 9 different countries. The case describes how ING DIRECT USA has become the largest Internet-based bank in the United States, and one of the thirty largest banks of any sort in the country.

  2. Strategy matters

    Governments are keenly aware of the contribution small- and medium-sized enterprises can make to enhancing market integration in the EU and improving its global performance. But research suggests that institutional support is not yet responding fully to the diverse needs of SMEs with ambitions to succeed in global markets.

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    Belgacom's Acquisition of Telindus: a One-Way Love Affair

    The Belgacom-Telindus cases revolve around corporate strategy and in particular the decision of the corporate parent to grow and expand the company via an acquisition. They lead the reader through the dynamics of an acquisition and serve to highlight the different strategic decisions involved before, during and after such a deal.

24 results Number of Results per Page