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  1. Ice fishing

    It ain’t what you do…

    Would you prefer your staff to go ice fishing or cast their nets on the high seas? It all depends on what you want to achieve as an organisation. In his doctoral thesis, Bart Verwaeren researched which fishing method leads to more radical innovation and how you can stimulate people to do things the way you want them to. Should you give your people bait or a boat?

  2. board of directors

    Integrating risk into performance when reporting to the board of directors

    As the board of directors is ultimately responsible for a company’s success or failure, board members should be adequately informed not only about the company’s (financial) performance but about the risks that may impact the company’s strategy and results as well. Because today’s global economic climate indicates that the business world is more uncertain, risky and volatile than it has been in the past, Vlerick has launched a research project to study corporate practices with respect to reporting performance and risk to the board of directors.

  3. Cover"performance excellence"

    Managing for Performance Excellence

    How do you expand your organisation in a sustainable manner? A great many companies have been forced by the crisis to confront this question, often in painful circumstances. But alternative approaches are also possible, and performance management can help. The only problem is that many businesses are still struggling with putting it into practice. ‘Managing for Performance Excellence’ by Vlerick professors Regine Slagmulder, Kurt Verweire and Koen Dewettinck takes a fresh and practical look at the matter.

  4. Taking strategy out of the boardroom: the GCB Berlin cases

    The GCB Berlin cases describe a strategic transformation process of a German bank. Over a period of 3 years, GCB Berlin has transformed into a customer-intimate financial institution. The management team of the company used Strategy Mapping, the Balanced Scorecard, and a new sales-and-service approach as transformation tools to get the entire organisation more strategy-focused.

  5. People reading

    The Performance Generator: a toolkit for people managers

    The Vlerick Centre for Excellence in People Performance has published a practical guide to managing employee performance called The Performance Generator. This toolkit is full of questionnaires, frameworks and exercises – all developed from extensive research conducted over the past several years.

  6. tools-to-improve-performance

    Tools to improve performance: inventory reservation and nested allocation

    Companies often wish to provide different levels of service to different classes of customers. Customer differentiated service levels may be motivated by differences in the perceived customer lifetime value or by specific contractual agreements that include service level guarantees. One way to provide differentiated service levels is to reserve a certain portion of the available inventory exclusively for certain classes of customers.

  7. Concentration

    Performance management pivotal to work of CFO

    Performance management and business support will be the most important trends in the next three to five years when it comes to the work of a CFO. This is the conclusion of research carried out by Vlerick Business School and financial service provider TriFinance as part of a three-year research project aimed at providing more insight into the role of the CFO in the future.

9 results Number of Results per Page