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  1. religious_investors

    Active shareholder engagement by religious investors

    Religious institutions can influence corporate behaviour by being active in the ownership of their shares, according to new research carried out by Vlerick Business School together with the International Interfaith Investment Group 3iG, along with ESADE Business School in Spain.

  2. Discussion

    SABAF: CR as best practice

    Between 1993 and 2005, Sabaf – a world-leading manufacturer of components for domestic gas cooking appliances – went through a transformation process to develop a strategic approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) that embedded social, environmental and governance values into its organisation, its approach to business and its overall performance.

  3.  CSR

    SME Leaders Make Sense of CSR

    During the last decades, a whole series of concepts have been launched in what has developed to a new management field : the business and society field also called the social issue in management. These concepts include corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, corporate social performance, sustainable development, stakeholder theory, and business ethics.

  4. Connecting

    Assessing sustainability in the supply chain

    Companies are coming under increasing social pressure to reduce the adverse impact of their operating activities. Professor Céline Louche, whose area of expertise is sustainability and related fields, and Professor Ann Vereecke, specialising in Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Strategy, set out to develop a tool to help assess to what extent a company has integrated sustainability into its supply chain.

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