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  1. Growth

    Can businesses afford to grow?

    Financial capital is one of the key resources a business requires to support its growth. Although few in number, high growth businesses contribute disproportionately to employment and wealth creation in an economy. As a result it is important to know, not only how high-growth businesses fund growth, but the reasons behind this choice.

  2. The Resourceful Paradox

    The Resourceful Paradox

    The cost of failing to react to competition can be exceptionally high: challengers often topple market leaders. An examination of how resources influence the way managers weigh up competitors suggests companies need to remain vigilant if they are to fight back effectively.

  3. Turbo

    Plane Sailing: modelling can solve bottlenecks in complex work rosters – and cut costs

    A maintenance company whose staff provide day and night coverage for airlines on a complex flight schedule needs to keep its labour costs down without alienating unions yet remain flexible enough to cover for the unexpected. Time to call in an algorithm. This project, explained in the paper “Improving Workforce Scheduling of Aircraft Line Maintenance at Sabena Technics”, demonstrates the potential for optimization programming taking in diverse demand and supply variables to solve complex scheduling problems.

  4. Participation

    Emerging facts on Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) are a fact of business life, and can often be a quicker, easier and cheaper way for businesses to grow than by organic expansion. However, now that the heyday of the 1980’s hostile takeover is over, new research in Continental Europe reveals some surprising results for what makes a company more likely to seek speedier acquired growth, over slower expansion. M&As are still a popular means of growth for firms. So what makes a company look around for possible targets?

  5. Multinational

    Profiting from Modesty: a big global advantage for Flemish companies

    One of the most critical challenges facing entrepreneurial companies expanding abroad may also be one of the most subtle: fitting in. A failure to win acceptance both internationally but also with a parent company at home can slam the door on capital, technology, skilled labour and, above all, customers. Researchers call this quality of being seen as a trustworthy partner “legitimacy”, and a pioneering study of small and medium-sized enterprises emphasizes the crucial role it can play in cross-border expansion.

  6. CIO Dinner Sound Bites - Great conversations at the top

    Times of great turbulence open doors for those who are able and willing to lead. In 2009, we reported on a set of interviews with CIOs that had moved beyond mere cost-cutting rationale and were ready to bond with their C-level colleagues to address the strategic challenges that lay ahead. In follow-up CIO dinners, we aim to explore the issues and opportunities further. The CIO Dinner Sound Bites series provide a peek into what was brought to the table.

  7. logo Amcham Belgium

    US Investments in Belgium - the 2010 report

    This 2010 edition of the Belgium’s Annual Report on United States Direct Investment in Belgium examines the structure and evolution of the activities of US-owned affiliates operating in Belgium. In addition, the report reviews major trends in the level of US direct investment in Belgium as well as in global direct investment flows. This report is a joint effort by the American Chamber of Commerce and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

36 results Number of Results per Page