How do FinTech and Unconventional Monetary Policies affect the insurance-macroeconomic growth nexus?

Dimitrios Kolokas

What was my dream when I was little?

I guess superhero, astronaut or football player are the most common answers. However, in my case the answer was Prime Minister. At least that was the answer I gave my teacher in Greece at the age of 5. Funny that my research is related to macroeconomic growth and monetary policies, isn’t it?

What am I doing when I am not working on my PhD?

Well, I love many different things. Nevertheless, you are most likely to find me at the gym. I believe exercising is necessary in order to get rid of the daily stresses of life. My guilty pleasure is watching anime! Some childhood vibes never hurt anyone…#kamehameha.

What is my PhD about?

Insurance industry has a significant impact on macroeconomic growth and vice versa. However, during the last decade financial technology and unconventional monetary policies have shaken the ground of the economic landscape. Through my doctoral research, I aim to study how these two factors affected the relationship between insurance industry and macroeconomic growth.

Why is this important for practice?

I think that just by reading the title one can understand the impact of my research!
Given that a sound insurance industry is vital for a strong macroeconomic environment, anything that could have a significant impact on insurance or the economy should be analysed and addressed carefully and thoroughly. Financial technology has altered the financial services function and unconventional monetary policies are the main tools used by central banks to boost growth. Hence, it is important to understand the magnitude and the nature of the impact of these two trends to insurance-growth nexus. In a nutshell, insurance is for the economy, what the heart is for the human body. Since a cardiologist would not leave any potential risk unanalysed, why should I?

How do I like to be remembered after my PhD?

I find the concept of contrast very interesting. Hence, I would like people to remember me as someone who strived to generate interesting research, following his own unique reasoning. In a few words, an authentic and intriguing researcher.

How do I see my future?

My future is insured!
I am pretty optimistic regarding my future and it is not solely due to obtaining a PhD. I believe that during my doctoral research years, I will reach a level of maturity and understanding that will lay a foundation that allows me to cope with any challenge in the future.
In other words, I will rock!!!

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