Can Contracts Stimulate Joint Creativity While at the Same Time Safeguarding Coordination?

Tineke Distelmans


What was my dream when I was little?

My first dream when I was little was to become a pilot, afterwards I always wanted to be in the management of a large company. Functions such as CEO and CFO always intrigued me.

What am I doing when I am not working on my PhD?

When I’m not working on my PhD I like to spend some time with friends: hang out with them, have a drink or going out. I also like to do a lot of sports like pilates, fitness and running.  

What is my PhD about?

My PhD investigates firms that partner up with each other to come up with creative ideas or solutions. More specifically I will take a look at the effect of contracts on the collaborative creative outcome that is produced by the partner firms.

Why is this important for practice?

The business environment today offers firms more opportunities than ever to collaborate with external partners to come up with creative solutions, these partnerships have many advantages. Next to that, creativity and innovation nowadays are important for organizations to be successful in the long run. So, my PhD will have practical implications that are of interest to a lot of managers in the business environment.

How do I like to be remembered after my PhD?

I would like to be remembered as someone who delivered a valuable and useful contribution to my research field.

How do I see my future?

I don’t know yet whether I want to stay in academia or discover the business environment, but I am convinced that doing this PhD will open many doors for me in the future. So I’m curious what the future will bring for me.

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