Bloomberg Remote - How to use the terminal off campus



During the COVID-19 crisis Bloomberg Disaster Recovery was launched for Vlerick Business School. This means that from now on, the Bloomberg terminal is only accessible remotely by one user at a time and after reservation of a timeslot!

When using the terminal for the first time you also need to create two accounts and install a Citrix receiver in order to start using the Bloomberg service.

Please only request access to Bloomberg if you absolutely need it.

Also think of your fellow students and keep your downloads within the limits of what you essentially need. When you have reached the download limit, it is not possible to extract more data.

  • Daily limit: download option is available the next day!
  • Monthly limit: download option is available the next month!



As simultaneous usage of the terminal is not possible, the first step in using Bloomberg remote is making a reservation. You can book a slot via your outlook calendar. Slots of 2 hours are available.

  1. Go to your calendar in your mailbox.
  2. Click on ‘new event’ and fill out the details:
    • Title: Bloomberg Reservation - 'Your name'.
    • Date + hour (max 2 hours).
    • Search for ‘bloomberg reservations’ in the room/location field.
  3. Click ‘send’. 

  4. Once you have requested your time slot, you will receive a confirmation email!



In order to get access to the terminal you need to create a BMC account and a terminal account.

  1. Create a BMC account on this page
  2. Click 'sign up as learner'.

  3. Fill out the requested fields and create a password.

    To make it easier for yourself, you might want to choose the same password for the BMC account and for the terminal.
    The rules for the BMC account aren't specified, but for the terminal:

    Password must:
    • Contain 8-12 characters
    • Meet 3 of the following 4 criteria
      • Contain at least 1 uppercase letter
      • Contain at least 1 lowercase letter
      • Contain at least 1 number
      • Contain at least 1 special character
  4. Your account is created when you get to the page where you are asked to purchase BMC. You can ignore this.

    IMPORTANT!!! Don’t ‘checkout’. Only registration is required. If you are asked for credit card information, you should contact Bloomberg directly at to prevent an unnecessary charge.



Now that you have created a Bloomberg BMC account, you can request a terminal login.

  1. Go to and login with your BMC credentials.
  2. Go to the tab ‘terminal access’.

    Here you'll get the message that someone needs to authorize your account.
    Click the 'not requested' button, make it turn blue and make it switch to 'requested'.


  3. We receive your request and will approve it. We check for requests twice a day. Once we have approved your request we will send you an e-mail.
  4. Once you received the message that your request was approved, repeat the first two steps above.
  5. Now you need to fill out some details to create the terminal account.
  6. Put your e-mail address, country and phone number in the required fields.

  7. Choose how you want to receive a verification code: via e-mail or text message.

  8. Enter the verification code.

  9. Create your terminal password.

    As said before, the password for the terminal account must:
    • Contain 8-12 characters
    • Meet 3 of the following 4 criteria
      • Contain at least 1 uppercase letter
      • Contain at least 1 lowercase letter
      • Contain at least 1 number
      • Contain at least 1 special character

  10. Click 'create account' to finish the registration.



Now that you have created the terminal login, you can start using Bloomberg Remote.

  1. To create a connection between your computer and Bloomberg, a Citrix receiver is required.

    You can download it here:
    Versions for other platforms (IOS, Android, Linux…) can be found on the Citrix download page.

    Install the receiver on your computer.
  2. Go to (use of the Edge browser is preferred when using a Windows pc)
  3. Log in with your terminal account credentials.

  4. To continue, a verification code is needed. This verification will be sent to the email address or phone number that is linked to the username. Choose what you prefer and click 'send'.

  5. Enter the code and click 'submit'

  6. Once you are logged in, choose between launching the terminal with or without the excel add-in and click 'launch'.

  7. You will be asked to download an .ica file. Once this is downloaded, open it and the Citrix receiver will create the link between your computer and Bloomberg.


    If the connection between your computer and the citrix receiver does not work, please click the arrow next to the ‘launch’ button. Here you can choose between ‘launch with citrix receiver’ or ‘launch within browser’. Choose the latter if you are having trouble with the citrix receiver.

  8. The terminal opens and you can start working.

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