AB InBev looking to scoop up sales talent

The opportunity is here. Make it yours!

Sponsored by several blue-chip companies, the Vlerick Sales Club aims to bring cutting-edge sales practices to our students through a dedicated online community and specially organised workshops with guest speakers from different companies and industries. Long-standing Talent Partner AB InBev has now joined the illustrious list of sponsors. Eric Lauwers, Business Unit President BeNeFraLux, and Olivier Lambrecht, VP People Europe, explain why.

The two most important assets for any organisation are people and brands,” says Eric. “They’re not included in the balance sheet, but they’re what helps you make the difference. So that’s why we invest in talent to help drive the success of our business. That’s also why we have been and still are a corporate partner and why we are now sponsoring the Sales Club.”


Olivier nods in agreement: “This sponsorship complements our Talent Partnership, which has been very successful indeed. Over the years we’ve been able to recruit several talented students from Vlerick. The Sales Club offers additional opportunities to target promising graduates. We’re really looking forward to being part of the judging panel of the Vlerick Sales Competition. What better way to identify and assess potential sales talent for our organisation?

Sales is a great career choice

AB InBev has a proven track record in nurturing and developing sales talent to grow in the company. Eric: “Quite a few members of the BeNeFraLux executive committee, for example, began their careers in sales and marketing. So if you have an aptitude for sales, it’s definitely a very good place to start.

What does AB InBev look for in candidates who aspire to a job in sales? Olivier: “What we look for in any candidate, really: we want team players, but we also want ambitious and driven individuals who are seeking to make their mark and are willing to go the extra mile, trend spotters, innovators, candidates that want to change things for the better...” Eric smiles, adding: “And then of course we’re looking for people with a penchant for sales, goesting as we say in Belgium.

Set to win the war for talent

As the world’s largest brewer and one of the largest consumer goods companies, we want to hire the best people in the market, which means we’re constantly on the lookout for talent, regardless of whether there are any vacancies,” Olivier explains. Every year AB InBev recruits about 30 young graduates for its Global Management Trainee programme. After an intensive 10-month period of training, during which they are immersed in different functional areas of the organisation, they’re offered a full-time position. At AB InBev, people are generally encouraged and supported to develop their careers by gaining experience in different environments.

Olivier continues: “And then there are candidates who know right from the start where they want to go. This is why we’ll be rolling out a Sales & Marketing Graduate programme for those who want to focus on those specific career paths.

In conclusion, Eric says: “You can’t win the war for talent unless you have something to offer and I believe we most certainly have. Not only do we propose these graduate trainee programmes, both general and specific, we also provide plenty of on-the-job training, mentoring and support. When you decide to join our company, we make sure we arm you with all the tools you need to help you succeed, for example through our internal Sales & Marketing Academy. There’s a good reason why our motto is ‘the opportunity is here, make it yours!’”

About the Vlerick Sales Club

The Vlerick Sales Club is one of the initiatives of the Vlerick Sales Excellence Centre, initiated by Professor Deva Rangarajan. Other activities of the Centre include the Sales Competition and the Sales Forum.

About AB InBev

AB InBev is the leading global brewer and one of the world’s top five consumer product companies.

  • Revenue of USD 43.2 billion.
  • 6 operational zones: North America, Mexico, Latin America North, Latin America South, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Well over 200 beer brands, including global brands Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois, international brands Beck’s, Leffe and Hoegaarden, and strong “local jewels” such as Jupiler.

AB InBev employs approximately 155,000 people worldwide. www.bestbeerjob.com